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FIFA 20 will need these 5 changes according to the players

Football fever comes and goes each year, as dozens of national leagues and cups, as well as those most prestigious like the UEFA competitions, take place. With the real-life sport also comes the always popular and widely played and loved football games. FIFA has been going strong for decades now, as EA Sports branch of Electronic Arts tries to give us the best virtual football simulation each year.

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However, FIFA 19 certainly was not that perfect and fans expect a lot from this year’s version. Therefore, here are five important changes that should come with FIFA 20 later this year, set to release on September 27. We will get the first sneak peek at the famous E3 expo next month.

Get the basics right

Sadly, fans agree that there are several football basics that really need to be tweaked and improved for the better. For one, those hard-nosed blocks which often get ignored by the AI referees should be removed. Right now, smashing into an opposing player with a defender is more effective than actually tackling him, which should not be the case.

Other little things like building a passing play for a great one-on-one opportunity feels less rewarding than scoring a goal from way outside the box.

The most important thing here are goalkeepers who are running alongside the ball while it is going out of play for a corner for the opposition. Is there anything more annoying than this?

Realistic player development in Career Mode

Many fans have already made peace with the fact that FIFA is never going to give us an immersive career mode that we have grown to love from the Football Manager games. However, some aspects of this can really be made much more realistic.

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For example, player development is one of these things. Something this important should change over time and grow ahead of games and specific periods of a season. Everyone expects any given player to be on the top of their game ahead of a huge career match like the Champions League final, compared to a domestic Cup match against a lower division. The game should mimic real life, and this is how it is in real life.

Ultimate Team pack odds

As the case is now, your chances of unpacking a player over a 90 rating on FIFA Ultimate Team really feels like it is below 1%, while the chances of receiving a legendary player has to be about 0.001%.

This has always been the shadiest part of FIFA games and especially FIFA 19, and even if they start to display some kind of pack probabilities in-game this year that determines the likelihood of what you might get in every pack you buy, chances are players will never be happy with this mode.

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More leagues and licenses

Probably the best thing that FIFA has always had and always gotten right is the abundance of fully-licensed leagues from around the world.

However, since they do not have all of them, fans always want more and more. For example, Indonesian and Malaysian leagues are requested year after year. Many also wish for the Vanarama National League to be included, which is the fifth tier league in England. Whatever they do, fans will want more, so why not just do it?

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Kick-off goals

This HAS to be the most infuriating and annoying aspect of FIFA 19, and something fans rage quit about more than anything else. Why are these kick-off goals even possible in the game? Teams usually behave as if they are absent after kick-off, and goals are scored in this ridiculous way.

When have you seen this happen in real life football games? This must be removed as soon as possible, in order for FIFA 20 to be a more life-like sports simulation.