Fauci Would Like to Be Portrayed By Brad Pitt

Anthony Fauci, an immunologist and NIAID director, has commented on who he’d like to play him on the Saturday Night Live if there was a character with his likeness, and it is none other than Brad Pitt. SNL will be returning to our screens this weekend after a longer pause due to the pandemic.

Fauci has become the face of America’s will to fight the coronavirus pandemic, as he is a person who has openly criticized President Trump’s inability to act at the start of the virus outbreak, when he had claimed that this virus will not be a threat to Americans. As such, many have come to see him as America’s Doctor. So, it isn’t improbable that SNL may choose him for the latest skit.

That’s why he was asked the question on whether, first of all, he would even like to be portrayed, and if he did, by whom. Fauci told the reporters that he hopes not, but if he were to be included in the skit, he would prefer to be portrayed by Brad Pitt. It only makes sense – Brad Pitt, as we all know, has been twice named the “Sexiest Man Alive”.