Some Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

When you were little, you typically gifted your dad with a tie or a few pairs of socks for Father’s Day. Every. Single. Year.

While he always smiled broadly at your gifts and wore the new items with pride, now that you’re older, you realize you sort of phoned in the whole Father’s Day gift thing. You may never come to know, but the man surely had sacrificed so many things to fulfill your wishes. From purchasing your favorite bike to getting you into the top university, your father would have gone through several challenges to help you achieve your dreams. And now, when you look over those things, you realize that he deserves better than all those usual gifts you were giving him.

This Father’s Day, you’re bound and determined to up the ante significantly — not only for your dear old dad but also for your husband, brother, favorite uncle, grandpa, and anyone else who has played the role of a father figure in your life.

To help narrow down any gift ideas, it’s wise to think about each dad’s hobbies and personality. In that way, your dad will not only praise the gift but will also know that you really understand them. And believe us, there is nothing more beautiful in this world for a father than to know that his children understand him, believe in him, and care for him. With that in mind, check out the following suggestions:

For the Sentimental Dad

Your dad still carries your high school graduation photo in his wallet, and your hubby loves framing photos of the kids. For these sentimental dads, the gift of personalized photo art would be greatly appreciated. For instance, you could purchase a “Best Dad Ever” frame and then place a photo from your childhood of you and your pops in it, or one of your husband holding your newborn. Click here for more ideas.

There’s a whole new variety of photo frames available out there in trendy styles and designs. It could be a small frame for a portrait-size photo or a large frame for multiple photos that create a collage. Having all your beautiful moments with your father in a single frame will bring a smile to his face.

For The Funniest One

Dads are amazing. They have gone through so much in life that they know how to turn a dull situation into a funny one. If your dad loves to crack jokes and has the rare talent to find humor in everything, then gift something that won’t stop them from laughing. Bobbleheads are a unique gift you can give to your father. They are fun, quirky dolls that they will adore when placed on the shelves.

Plus, you can even customize the figurine from head to toe. There are companies that can design realistic bobbleheads with facial expressions from your photograph. All you need is to upload a photograph and select the base. Customization options for dresses, eye color, hairs, teeth are also available. You can also choose 2-people or 4-people bobbleheads to create a unique family bobblehead.


For the Movie Buff

For dads who adore movies, surprise him this Father’s Day with the “100 Movies Scratch Off Poster” from Uncommon Goods. The poster includes the titles of 100 films, including The Big Lebowski, E.T. and The Shining, that will inspire him to watch or rewatch some classic flicks. After finishing one of those movies, he can use a coin to scratch off the square underneath the title to reveal movie-related artwork. Include a shiny quarter minted in your birth year with the poster as well as some bags of microwave popcorn and boxes of Swedish Fish and M&Ms — whatever he likes. As a bonus, promise to watch some of the movies with him; indeed, he’ll enjoy this part of the gift the most.

For The Car Lover

Men love cars, and if your dad is among them, then you can give them something that will make their ride pleasurable. If budget is not your concern, you can customize their car with the latest entertainment unit and branded speakers. The crystal clear display and the noise-free sound will make them go crazy. You can also gift them a car service voucher covering alloy cleaning, car detailing, and professional washing for a year.

A car diffuser is also an ideal gift that will remove all the unwanted smells and keep their car fresh every time they ride. If your father likes the thrill of acceleration, a stage 1 remap will put a wide grin on his face.

For the Barbecue Enthusiast

Dads who love grilling all sorts of delicious meat — and there are plenty of them out there — will be sure to love a monogrammed steak brand from Williams Sonoma that will allow him to sear his initials into whatever he’s got cooking on the grill. The iron brand is a mini version of what cattle farmers use, and you can either opt for his initials or could always go with D-A-D for the brand.

For the Competitor

Your brother has never met a game he didn’t like — or that he didn’t want to win. In fact, he still talks about all the times he beat you at ping pong in your grandma’s basement when you were kids. If you catch a wistful look in his eye when he recounts those memories, then you might decide to get him a ping pong table of his own — or whichever other game you think he’ll enjoy to bring out his competitive spirit. Other options include a foosball table, cornhole set, and/or a free-standing basketball hoop for the driveway.

Happy Father’s Day to All the Great Men

You’ve given your dad enough generic Father’s Day gifts over the years. Now it’s time to surprise him, and other important dads in your life, with presents that show them you not only love them but also truly know them and their interests.

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