Fasting Can Help Fight Obesity – The Easy Way

A new study recommends that fasting for 30 days from dawn to sundown can help in improving the conditions related to obesity. It is Muslim’s religious obligation to fast for one complete month which is called a month of “Ramadan”. But this fact has been acknowledged universally after researching that person with can fight against lots of diseases.

Doctors all over the world are suggesting people to fast other than this month too as it improves a person’s gut health and strengthens circadian rhythms in the liver and skeletal muscles. It is not a good habit to not eat food and thinking we are on a diet. Rather you need to check the timings of in taking food and the proper way to combine your fasting process with your liquid intake, for more on this visit:


Fasting is the best way to adopt eating in order to stay strong and healthy. The researchers are of the view that practicing fasting throughout the month can have positive effects on a person as it raises the level of proteins in the body which resists insulin and other glucose levels. If the glucose level rises, blood cells cannot absorb and use blood sugar for energy.  As a result, the person faces a disease called diabetes. Therefore, fasting is the best to control the sugar level in the body and improves metabolic processes in the body.

Timing and Duration between the Meals; A Solution

The research has shown the significant differences, the people with fasting 12 to 15 hours and without fasting. The samples show that during fasting, a protein called tropomyosin (TPM) 1, 3 & 4 is produced which is good for healthy heart and muscles to contract and relax easily. TPM is good for the health of cells and helps in insulin resistance and repairs the damage caused to body and cells. It also maintains body weight without exercising and following the diet plans. People tend to join gyms and taking medical help in order to lose weight which is not the natural way and after some period of time, if they will be able to make time for the gym, chances of weight gain is more than expected. So, one must be aware of the timings and duration between the meals. World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 650 million people around the world are affected by obesity and people are stressed to control their weight. Fasting is the natural way to control weight and living a healthy life as it is medically approved too.


As the research is just on the initial stages and suggests the fact that fasting from dawn to sunset is the best way to maximize the benefits of health with minimizing cost. Also, it is best for an obese person struggling with obesity to control the weight under controlled and natural conditions instead of wasting money on different products and still not able to get the desired results! If you are looking for more information about fasting and healthy diets, click here

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