Famous Actors Didn’t Want To Do These Scenes

Even for the most experienced actors, certain scenes can be a bit “too much“ … Up to a point they refuse to do them. Dwayne Johnson and Emma Watson are just some of the famous professionals who declined to participate in a scene they don’t find appropriate. We have chosen the most interesting cases of actors who didn’t want to cross the line.

Did you know that Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson don’t get along in real life? Apparently, everybody knew that when they hired both actors to shoot 2017’s action movie “The Fate Of The Furious.” In the whole film, you won’t find a single scene Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson shot together. In his interview for the Rolling Stone, the Rock confirmed this statement and added some details about the ongoing disagreement between the two actors. He explained they had a couple of serious discussions in private and they came to the conclusion that the conflict arises from their different approach to work. They have some essential differences in their opinions on acting and cooperation on the set, which makes it difficult to work together. The Rock said there were no hard feelings between the actors exactly because they have clarified their attitudes in a private conversation.

A particularly funny scene in 2013’s hilarious comedy “This is the end” almost could have been the end of Emma Watson’s participation in this movie. James Franco, one of the leading roles, explained to the Interview magazine how it all happened. He didn’t want to name the actress but did confirm the rumors that Emma fled the scene during the shooting because she was upset with Channing Tatum who was supposed to dance in front of her wearing only G-strings. Even though she didn’t have to do anything in this scene and she has read the script before, it was too much. Emma went straight to directors Rogen and Goldberg and explained she couldn’t have done it. They tried to help, but she declined, they offered to do just a test shooting and show her the edit, but one of the former Harry Potter stars still refused to participate and then left the set.

Isla Fisher had an interesting way to deal with the requested nudity of her character in “Wedding Crashers.” Isla wasn’t comfortable with five nude scenes she was supposed to film, so she had a double for breasts, butt, and hand. In her interview for Entertainment Weekly, she explained that when the audience sees a nude character, they start seeing the character as sexual rather than funny. The producers insisted on the nudity, so Isla gave the extra effort to keep her performance great and her character Gloria Cleary funny.

In one of the best blockbusters of 2017, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” we meet a spy Eggsy, played by the Welsh actor Taron Egerton. One of the scenes required Taron to put a tracking device into the girl Clara (Poppy Delevigne) during sex. Taron refused, so the director Vaughn took Poppy’s husband’s hand for a double and insisted on a scene to be shot. Vaughn later told Uproxx that this scene was necessary to show a moral dilemma of the leading role who has to do something he emotionally doesn’t want to.