Fake Bill Gates’s Letter on Coronavirus Circulating the Internet


A letter faked to be Bill Gates’s thought on the coronavirus has been making rounds on social media and websites. Titled “What is the Corona/Covid-19 Really Teaching us?”, it first appeared on WhatsApp on Monday and spread throughout the Internet.

The letter depicts Gates’s belief that there is “a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens” and that that applies to the current pandemic as well. It describes it as “the great corrector … sent to remind us of the important lessons that we seem to have forgotten”.

Naomi Campbell was among the first to share it on Twitter, with the added caption: “I hope you may find some solace in these words.” Many other celebrities followed suit and even some newspapers picked up the story. One of them, The Sun, was quick to issue a retraction.

“In the heat of events yesterday, The Sun online mistakenly published a spoof story which was doing the rounds on email. The story has now been removed. Every day The Sun chooses not to publish hundreds of stories and we apologize for this error,” said their spokesperson.