Exclusive Ski Escape to Austria

Temperatures are falling, and winter is slowly approaching. Do you know what that means? The favorite part of the year for all skiing fans is coming!

Ski fanatics, are you ready for the new ski season? Autumn has started and is slowly leaving, and already in late autumn is an ideal time to schedule your winter vacation in one of the winter tourist centers around the world. The coronavirus pandemic is still going on, and it seems like it is impossible to travel anywhere, but believe me – it is possible! If you adhere to the prescribed protocols adopted by the states, your stay will be pleasant.

Travel agencies have already started offering travel arrangements, such as those at AirCharterService, for the coming winter, so get ready and look at offers worldwide focusing on Europe, and here’s why.

Europe – the old lady with beautiful skiing spots

Europe, or better known as the “old lady,” stretches to 10.18 million km2, and every square kilometer offers opportunities for tourists. Europe is suitable for visiting at any time of the year, especially on cold days when you can go on winter vacation almost anywhere on the continent. Europe abounds in many winter resorts full of ski slopes, spas, hiking trails, and snow entertainment. Many people from all over the world come here to spend their free days walking and exploring, but above all, they come to enjoy the beautiful ski slopes. As countries with the most popular ski resorts, we would single out the nations in whose territories one of the most beautiful mountain ranges stretches – the Alps. Some of the most prominent ski resorts are located in France, Italy, and Switzerland, but the most visited are Austria’s ski resorts. Find more about Austria below.

Austria – The Snow Queen of Europe

When we think of music, we mean Austria and it is capital Vienna, but most of all, when we think of snow, we think of it. Austria is the snow queen of Europe.. Austria is a country located in the south of Central Europe. It is best known as a center of classical music because its capital Vienna has the most famous philharmonic. It is renowned for the New Year’s concert held every year on the new year’s first day. When we mention Austria, we immediately remember the delicious Viennese steak that stands out for its taste. But Austria is even more popular after the snowy weather. This is because a significant part of this country is occupied by the Alps, the most famous European chain. As a result, for much of late autumn and throughout the winter, Austria rejoices in the snow. Apart from music, this country is a popular choice for tourists because of the famous Vienna Christmas Market and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra‘s open-air concerts as part of the market. Still, above all, it is known for its winter season. Want to learn more about it? Do not worry, and our task is to introduce you to the winter season in Austria.

Austria is a snow paradise for every skier!

First morning coffee, fresh air, and lots of snow in front of you. Have you ever imagined this? Then this is what Austria can offer you. The abundance of nature, vast amounts of snow, spas, and entertainment, but above all it abounds in well-arranged ski slopes. On the territory of this country, there are a number of tourist centers with beautiful ski slopes, which are always tidy, maintained, and accessible to every skier. Even beginners can practice skiing here, and there is a great opportunity for those who want to learn to ski. Here you can meet a lot of people from all over the world and have fun. Already want to visit Austria? In that case, start looking at travel arrangements and plan your wonderful stay. Although flights around the world have been reduced despite the risk of flying, there are still safe options such as charter flights to visit these beauties. Reservations for the beautiful resorts and hotels have already begun, and the interest for this winter has already increased since the first snow has already fallen оn the Alps. If you are already thinking about your destination in Austria, we bring you the 4 most popular places in this country:

  1. Lech – a popular tourist destination in western Austria. It abounds in many natural beauties, wonderful resorts, contents for the whole family, and offers a lot of fun. Here you can try some of the wonderful local specialties that tourists from all over the world are crazy about. If you search the internet you will find many positive opinions and good memories of tourists from all over the world. Choose your place of residence and enjoy the beauties of this unique place.


  1. Solden – a popular Austrian ski resort that has a rich tourist season every year. Guests from all over the world come every year to spend the most beautiful days in the fresh air. It abounds in beautiful skiing and snowboarding, beautiful hotels, bars, restaurants, and the hospitable hosts will make sure you never forget your stay in this wonderful tourist place.


  1. Ischgl – a popular choice for all Europeans, but also for the rest of the world. Here you can have a wonderful ski stay that you will never forget. This place captivates with its natural beauty and the contents it offers. Everyone says that the rum tea in this place is wonderful, but also that the local food is delicious. All the tourists who came here left satisfied and happy, and if you ask for experiences you will read that they want to come back again.

Europe is beautiful and offers many opportunities, the most prominent of which is Austria, especially during the winter. We hope that our review of the winter offer from this country has stimulated your curiosity for new magical winter places. If you want to spend the most beautiful winter vacation of your life, then Austria is the right choice for you. Book your accommodation, schedule a charter flight, pack your bags, don’t forget your skis, and of course, see you in Austria. Have a wonderful stay, bon voyage!

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