Everything You Need to Know About Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are textile materials that are made from the stalks of a plant called the flax plant. These sheets are very valuable as seen in their uses by different people. For decades, the materials have been very useful in upscale beddings.

Linens sheets, in many cases, are symbols of affluence and wealth. This is why they are sometimes expensive as wealthy individuals can afford them. The uniqueness of the linen material is in its properties. The material is strong, dries faster than cotton material and it is also absorbent.

These qualities are why the linen material is used to make garments since they are comfortable to use in hot weather.



Bed sheets are either top or bottom sheets. As the name implies, the top sheets, cover the occupant lying on the mattress and underneath a blanket or duvet, while the bottom sheets go over the mattress on which the occupant lies and under the occupant. There are many differences between the flat sheet and the fitted sheet.

Flat sheet is the type of sheet that is placed between a sleeping person and that person’s blanket. Its purpose is to prevent the blanket from becoming dirty. With a flat sheet in place, the owner of the blanket will not have to wash the blanket every time.  It is mostly used in hotels. The flat sheet is also known as the top sheet.

The fitted sheet on the other hand, is the type that has elastic bands that can be stretched sewed into the seam of the sheet material in each of its four corners. The fitted sheet is also known as the bottom sheet. Fitted sheets are very common as a cover for mattresses. Just like the flat sheet, its purpose is to protect the blanket. They are unlikely to come off the blanket when a person lies on them.

Differences between flat sheet and fitted sheet
  1. The flat sheet have historically been used since the 15th century when people started to use sheets. The fitted sheet on the other hand, was invented in the late 90s and they have become very popular.


  1. The flat sheet has a simple folding and tucking technique and the point of this is to prevent the sheet from slipping off the mattress when in use. The fitted sheet has an elastic hem which makes the sheet tied fast to the mattress and keeps it from untucking when in use.


  1. When it comes to temperature control, the flat sheet offers more advantage compared to the fitted sheet. During the warm summer months, the flat sheet is capable of allowing the body to naturally adjust its temperature to a cool one.


  1. The flat sheet offers protection for both the fitted sheet and the comforters or blankets while the fitted sheet offers protection only for the mattress.


  1. While the fitted sheet offers a wonderful and comfortable fit for a smooth sleeping surface, the flat sheet acts as an obstruction for the skin against skin ailments or irritants.


  1. Unlike the flat sheet, the fitted sheet can be easily removed for cleaning.


  1. The flat sheet also has an advantage over the fitted sheet in the sense that it is easier to iron compared to the fitted sheet.


  1. The flat sheet also makes it easier to lay the bed and there are fewer wrinkles involved compared to the fitted sheet.

Both sheets have the same purpose and the preferences of people differ. It is important to note that both sheets come in different colors. A lot of bed sets come with fitted sheets and this means anyone who wants a flat sheet will have to buy it separately.

Why choose linen sheet?

Linen sheets are much loved and preferred by a lot of people who know their worth and value. Compared to other fabrics, the linen sheet is simply awesome.

Linen sheets are wonderful companions for anyone who wishes to enjoy a wonderful, comfortable and stress-filled sleep. The properties of the material include bacterial resistant and they also have wonderful evaporating capabilities. Fleurdelin linen sheets are 100% pure linen.

  1. Ability to retain shape: One of the reasons why linen sheets are better than all other fabrics is their ability to retain their shapes. Linen is blessed with natural elasticity property. No other fabric comes close (wool or cotton). It is more durable compared to the others. The more it is used and washed, the more comfortable it becomes in use and the softer it is.
  2. Natural insulator: Apart from its beauty and feel, the linen is a natural insulator. As a result of this, it can regulate temperature and when it is summer, you can be certain that it will keep you cool. When it is winter, it will keep you warm. Finally, there is no chance of overheating.
  3. Moisture-effective: The linen is also special in the sense that it can hold up more times its weight in moisture. It dries quickly and acts as an anti-perspirant.
  4. Allergens reduction: The linen is also unique compared to cotton because it can easily reduce the numbers of allergens and germs which are found in bedsheets. This is as a result of the free flow of air through the sheet which leaves the sheets cool and dry.


Linen sheets are superb and from the above, they are clearly better than other fabrics. The benefits are just too many to be discounted. No wonder they are popular. The only downside to line is how thick and coarser they are at the beginning of their lifespan and it may take up to two years of use for them to become as smooth as cotton.

The linen continues to before more preferred and more valued by people all over the world as more and more people begin to see the different benefits of the material.

Unlike the cotton material, it has a long lifespan and the reason is found in its durability and other wonderful properties.

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