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Everything You Need To Know About Bulletproof Coffee, For Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee is also called as butter-free coffee which helps in losing weight and is the best breakfast. Even people, who are not in habit of having breakfast, will make their choice after reading the article that it’s best to have coffee in breakfast instead of staying hungry all day long to lose weight. It will help to stay fresh the whole day doing ornery tasks and you will not feel burdened or tired. It is the most significant ketogenic recipe, Let’s Start good, feels good! Check more ketogenic diets tips at

As it’s for the beginner’s keto recipe so it does not include much MCT oil in it and if you are not used to MCT oil then you might feel pain in your stomach at the start. And people, who are coffee fanatic, must love to read this article and will love to try it if they want to lose weight. It is easy to make, just drop the ingredients in Minipresso Coffee Machine and your coffee is ready to drink without any topping of butter or chocolate. It’s pure and makes you ready to do your work enthusiastically. It is a handheld machine and naturally cream will appear to make them taste better without using other flavors which are not healthy and might be you get weight by consuming it. Here’s the recipe by Aron Day for you:

Beginners Butter Coffee

The most enjoyable part of eating fat – Butter Coffee

CourseBreakfast, Snack

Prep Time5 minutes

Total Time5 minutes

Servings1 Serving



1 Cup Black Coffee

1 Tbsp. Butter Replacement 1 Tbsp. Cream

1 Tbsp. MCT Oil

Instructions to Follow

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  1. Make the black coffee with the Minipresso Machine and add 10g Fresh Ground Coffee. Fill the bottom chamber with Hot WaterPump. Put the cap on and push into a cup over 15 seconds.
  2. Add the Tbsp. of Butter together with the black coffee
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of MCT Oil and mix everything up for 30 seconds.

Nutrition Facts

Beginners Butter Coffee/ Bulletproof Coffee

Amount per Serving

Calories 143Calories from Fat 144

% Daily Value 12%

Total Fat 16g

It is a reward for the number of people due to the nutritious facts discussed above with the improvement in work and health. It is working in both the ways to maintain the quality lifestyle of a person and if a person continues to drink it, he/ she can reduce weight in a week. Diets are not supposed to leave you starving rather make you better in looks and charms, even make you healthier to perform daily life works actively without relying on others and keeping you garden-fresh. It is for the betterment of people to do their job comfortably and enjoy at the workplace without anything on their mind.

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