Giving Back: How Entrepreneurs Can Make A Difference

There’s no greater feeling as an entrepreneur than achieving business success. Building a business from the ground up and reaching high levels of success is an incredible accomplishment, but entrepreneurs should be doing more than simply trying to run a lucrative business. When you reach high levels of success, it’s important to give back. Entrepreneurs often have the resources and capital to make a big difference in their communities and even the entire world. Additionally, entrepreneurs often partly owe their success to others, so giving back is a way of restoring the balance and giving others the opportunity to thrive. So, what are some of the best ways for an entrepreneur to give back?

Going Green

Remote Work

First, it’s important to reduce your environmental impact. Shocking climate events are becoming increasingly common on the news, but never any less upsetting. Now’s the time to take action, and businesses are responsible for minimizing their environmental impact. There are obvious ethical reasons for this, but going green can also help improve your brand reputation when consumers are increasingly eco-conscious. Many measures can also help you to reduce your energy bills too. A few ways to reduce your environmental impact include:

  • Solar power
  • Energy efficiency equipment
  • Using green materials
  • Eliminating single-use plastics
  • Having a paperless office
  • Remote work


The journey to the top is a long, challenging, and arduous one. It’s also highly likely that you have had a lot of support along the way. One of the best ways for a successful business owner to give back is through mentorship. Taking a young person under your wing and offering them advice, guidance, and opportunities can be life-changing for them and also immensely rewarding for you.

Work Experience


Similarly, you should also offer work experience for young people at your company. Work experience is vital for students as a way to get a taste of working life, develop key life skills, and gain valuable experience. Work experience at a successful company could change their program and inspire them to work hard at school. Work experience can also be useful as it could give you an opportunity to find future talent for your organization. In addition to this, you can also get involved with schools in the local area. This gives you the chance to share your expertise and engage with pupils—this could help put them on the right path as well as give you the chance to start building a network of future talent.

Creating New Jobs

Following on from this, you should also try to create new jobs within your organization. Obviously, this shouldn’t be for the sake of it, but creating jobs can provide opportunities for those in the community and stimulate economic growth. You should also provide ongoing training for your existing employees so that they’re able to climb the ladder and improve their earning potential. This can be mutually beneficial because your employees are able to advance their careers, and you’re improving the capabilities of your workforce. Businesses that provide career development and promote from within can also find it a lot easier to retain staff.


Volunteering in Office

Obviously, volunteering is one of the best ways to give back. You should find organizations in your local community and/or causes that you feel passionate about and volunteer your time. Often, charitable organizations greatly value support from entrepreneurs as they can suggest ideas for ways to reach their goals and achieve higher levels of success.

In addition to volunteering in your own time, you can also get your employees to volunteer during their working hours. Volunteering can help employees feel a sense of purpose and can increase engagement and morale at work.

Starting Charitable Foundations

Many successful entrepreneurs will also start their own charitable foundations. Often, these are for causes that are close to their heart. A good example of this is Michael Savage of New Canaan on solving poverty problems in Honduras. Michael Savage New Canaan and his wife, Sandra, set up the Savage-Riviera Foundation to tackle poverty in Honduras. Around four million people in Honduras don’t have enough money to cover their basic needs, which means around one in four are living in poverty. It’s a cause close to his heart as his wife is from Honduras, so the pair are passionate about making a difference. The foundation accepts material donations for families in Honduras to improve the lives of those who are living in poverty.

Raising Awareness

Entrepreneurs have a large platform, so it’s important that they use this platform to raise awareness about important issues. Again, you might find it best to raise awareness about issues that are close to your heart. Sharing information on social media is a fast, easy, and effective way to communicate important messages to a large audience.

If you can encourage people within your large network to take any kind of positive action, it’ll be worthwhile. Of course, you don’t want to spam people or post about anything that could be divisive, but it’s important to use the large platform that you have to spread the word about important issues.

Donating To Charity


Another fast and simple way to make a positive difference in the world is to donate money to charity. Successful entrepreneurs should use the wealth that they’ve created to improve the world around them. Of course, you don’t have to donate a huge chunk of your salary, but it’s important to spread your wealth, especially during a time when there’s such inequality around the whole world.

Many entrepreneurs will also donate a percentage of the company’s profits to charity—this is mutually beneficial because the charity will benefit from the donation, and you can improve the reputation of your brand.

Taking Part In Community Events

It’s also important to keep a close eye on your local community and participate in local events. There are always initiatives and events that are taking place that need an extra set of hands, and it’s important to support your local community, as every successful business needs to have a strong community around it. In addition to lifting your local community, these events can also be a great way to raise your profile, make new connections, and improve the reputation of your brand.

Support Local Businesses

Support Local Businesses

Similarly, you should be supporting businesses in your local area. It’s important to support small businesses, especially those in your area because this helps to stimulate economic growth. This can include small things like getting your morning coffee from an independent cafe or to using local suppliers for your business.

Pro Bono Work

Of course, you don’t reach the top by doing work for free, but once you succeed, it’s something you could consider. Offering pro bono work to non-profit organizations allows you to use your expertise, skills, and resources to support an organization doing good in the world.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can give back as a successful entrepreneur. Once you achieve high levels of success with your organization, it’s important to give back and improve the world around you. This often ends up being a mutually beneficial exercise as you can give back while improving your reputation and expanding your network, among other benefits. It’s a good idea to take some time to reflect on issues that you feel passionate about and are close to your heart so you can find rewarding ways to give back and improve the world around you.