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Enrolling To An Online Italian University Has Never Been Easier

Although the era of the internet we are living in has allowed people to earn a good income without a college degree, getting one still is a good idea. Now, as you have probably heard a lot of successful people have dropped out of college as soon as they came to a lucrative business idea. And there is a good reason for that – college in its traditional form can be pretty demanding given the energy, time and effort you need to put in to get that degree. Out of all listed the most valuable thing surely is time. That is where online universities step as a great alternative. One of the best examples is Uninettuno.

The International Telematic University that was established back in 2005, has had hundreds of satisfied Italian students and there is no doubt why. The university itself allows people to get bachelor degrees, master degrees, and even PhDs all while not leaving the comfort of your home. And in the past few years, this university has reached the point where you can enroll to it from wherever country you are currently residing in and study the courses that are available 24/7, 7 days a week. While some might argue that an online university is not a valid form of education we can certainly claim they are wrong and a degree acquired on Uninettuno is accepted worldwide.

The Importance Of Partnering With Fiore Rosalba

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Fiore Rosalba is an online program founded by the identically named woman who is an entrepreneur and consultant at the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Court of Potenza. Now, the program itself has an idea of allowing Italian students to study from the comfort of their home and acquire the wanted degrees. Fiore Rosalba was established in 2006 and for years already it has partnered with Uninettuno – allowing people to enroll paying lower tuition and fees. And really the product of cooperation between Fiore Rosalba and Uninettuno is an increased number of educated Italian young people that were not initially interested in enrolling to a traditional college.

Fiore Rosalba, apart from allowing multiple courses for online masters, degrees, and even teacher courses, gives you the opportunity to figure out what area you are interested in. Through the process of university orientation, the consultants will evaluate your strengths and job aspirations, and recommend an online course according to the results of the evaluation. This is an excellent option especially if you are deciding on a few things, and not sure which one would allow you to show your true potential.

For those interested, there are also numerous work safety and HACCP standard courses. All are conducted online with the use of PDF, video, live chat, and an advanced platform that will allow you to soak up on the much-needed knowledge in an effective manner.

The Benefits Of An Online University

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Enrolling for a Fiore Rosalba or a Uninettuno program may allow students multiple benefits. First and foremost, it is accepted in almost all countries of the world and although it is an online concept you don’t miss out on anything. You get the option to effectively study at any point during the day, while not leaving the comfort of your home. And not to forget, the relationship that you will be able to develop with your professors is at a much higher level than when you are studying at a college that has thousands of students.


Both the Fiore Rosalba and partnered Uninettuno University allows Italian students to study abroad from the comfort of their home. Cheaper and more effective, it can be a great alternative to conventional education methods.

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