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Email Protection That Your Business Needs


Email threats are always present in today’s world. A study published in 2018 tested a wide number of emails and found that one in every 134 sent emails contains some kind of malware. Those numbers are staggering if we take into consideration how many emails are being sent out on an hourly if not daily bases.

Email malware can come in a few forms. It can be an attached document like a word or excel document file, which upon downloading it affects your whole operating system. It can also come in a form of website link which when clicked it takes over your computer stealing vital information such as bank accounts, social media accounts and business accounts in the process. The latter form of email threats is commonly known as phishing emails.

These emails are more specifically sent to target financial institutions or reputable businesses in order to gain their login credentials which are later sold to the highest bidder on the dark web.

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There are hosts of other ways how someone can compromise your entire business by sending email scams. Another type of email scam comes in the form of business emails which are used to orchestrate scams. These emails use an address similar to a higher ranking company official, in which he asks employees to approve a certain transaction. The sender will usually ask one of the company employees to send a substantial amount of money to accounts which are controlled by the scammer or criminals.

According to Symantec, more than 500 companies are being targeted this way on a daily bases. The losses orchestrated by email scams have been estimated in the billions over the past few years.

How To Secure Your Email Address?

This is the reason why you need to use email protection for all of your email accounts. DuoCircle is one such service that offers email protection from various phishing sites, malware, and email scams.

Email scams are an ever-growing presence in today’s world due to the technological advancements of the Internet in the past two decades.

This is why email security protection comes in handy. This form of email protection comes in the form of email security gateways in which all emails have to pass through in order to make it to the recipient.

The software used for this gateway can detect information deemed malicious by the sender. Such email protection can help by offering the following security functions.

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• Spam Filtering

The emails received go through an anti-spam filter which prevents such emails from being delivered

• Attachment Scanning

The software scans for files attached to the email and if the software detects any malware or malicious software, it prevents the email from being delivered in the first place

• Link Scanning

Scans the links inside the email and puts them through a network that detects if the links are malicious by nature or not. The software clicks the link in a sandbox or virtual machine which is isolated from any network and establishes whether or not the link is malicious

• Blacklisting

The software blacklists email addresses that contain malware, phishing links, or any form of malware

• Data Loss Protection

The software will prevent any sort of crucial or vital information being sent via email, effectively preventing the scammers from gaining your information

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