Elon Musk Embraces Meme

Elon Musk is not your ordinary businessmen, he is a businessman that has become very invested in the world of memes. This interest has made him become a very important online personality as well. Him appearing on the popular series called meme review on Pewdiepie’s youtube channel played a big part in that.

When he posted his tweet talking about hosting meme review that made Pewdiepie fans go wild.

This led to him appearing on the show on February 22, and Justin Roiland was there to help rate the memes too.

After he participated in the meme review episode he has been very serious about his memes. He is very much embracing all the memes that feature him but also in general. He even posted a meme from Call of Duty Zombies one day after the episode of meme review.

Sometime ago Elon tweeted out a funny picture that had Dwayne the Rock Johnson on it but with Elon’s face photoshopped over it.
Soon there were many more versions of the meme roaming the twittersphere.

After having Elon Musk on there, Pewdiepie continued the trend and kept having other people as a guest on his show.

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