ELO Boosting in League of Legends

League of Legends is the world’s most popular MOBA video game, made by Riot Games. It exists for almost a decade now, and it made some really big successes both in terms of popularity and influence. The game itself will definitely go down in history as one of the best video games of the 21st century, and it’s something that Riot Games should be really proud of.

Currently, League of Legends has a blooming competitive scene, and their tournaments are worldwide, even in countries where the E-Sport scene is nonexistent. However, everything that we’ve said so far about the game is concerning only professional players, so let’s take a look at something that’s meant for the more “casual” player base.

It’s a fact that League of Legends is a very competitive game, and even if you’re a casual player, there aren’t any other goals in it rather than winning. This means that no matter how much you want to have fun playing it, you’ll still have to focus on destroying the enemy’s Nexus.

Player ranking in League of Legends is determined by ELO, and this system is used to form ranked matches depending on how skilled the players on each teams are. The more ELO you have, the better you are at the game, obviously.

League of Legends is a game that requires a lot of trial and error, and the daily practice of skills in order to get it right. If you want to improve and be good at League, you can’t do it by playing one match per day. This means that for most people, the game itself will be more of a chore than a video game, especially for those who have a daily job. With all of this being said, it’s never too late to use a helping hand, whether it’s a coach or someone that’s really experienced and will play the games with you, so if you are looking for something like this, feel free to visit

Some people can’t really improve without the help of a more experienced player, and if you have nobody to learn from, you’ll keep making the same mistakes, leading to a very long stagnation in ELO. This is why asking for help is quite understandable, and if your goal is becoming a better player over time, you should totally do it.

There are a few other reasons why boosting is worth it, and one of the best ones is the fact that you’re getting much better rewards at the end of the season if you’re rated with higher ELO. For example, those players that are ranked in the Silver Division will get only one of the rewards, but those in the Gold or Diamond division will receive much better rewards, making their accounts worth quite a lot. Please note that the rewards received at the end of each season are not purchasable, so you can only achieve them by ranking higher in the game. If you’re a fan of exotic skins and items that not many people can have, definitely give your best to reach higher ELO before each season.

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