Ellen DeGeneres Shared her Biggest Secret

Ellen DeGeneres revealed a secret to the world that she had never admitted even to herself! “It’s really horrible, horrible story.” Why did she decide to share it now? It took Ellen 30 years to be able to talk about it.

When she was just a 15-year old teenager, her mother, Betty, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to have surgery to remove the tumor and undergo a long treatment in another city. So, Betty had to stay away for a long time.

That’s when it happened. Ellen was se*ually assaulted by her stepfather. The abuse started in the most disgusting way imaginable.

“He told me that he’d felt a lump in her breast, and he needed to feel mine.” “He convinced me that he needs to feel my breast.” He used the same excuse several times. This way, he could manipulate and abuse her. Ellen was afraid to confront her stepfather. Just like many victims, Ellen felt guilty. She felt angry at herself because she couldn’t stand up to him, until she noticed her stepfather getting more violent.

“He tried to break my door down, and I kicked the window out and ran.” After that, she managed to avoid more abuse. When Betty came home, Ellen wanted to protect her. And it took her years to reveal the truth. When she finally built up the courage to tell her mom what had happened, Betty didn’t believe her. And stayed married for 18 more years! When she got a divorce, Ellen started to take care of her mother. But she never forgot all that had happened. “I should never have protected her. I should have protected myself”. “I wish I would have been better-taken care of. I wish she would have believed me”.

Ellen needed the courage to face her past, forgive her mother, and move on. Now, she decided to share her story with the world… Her goal is to protect other women. “We just don’t make stuff up.” “ It is just time for us to have a voice. It’s time for us to have power”.

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