7 Effective Ways for Self-Improvement

Are you currently in the market for a life partner? You’re not alone. Many working adults are in the hunt at any given time, and they use hundreds of methods to locate someone they can envision spending the rest of their lives with. Ask any married couple how they met. Chances are, you’ll hear a different story from everyone you ask. That’s good news, actually, because it means there are lots of way to meet long-term mates. So, if you’re tired of bar-hopping and scouring free internet dating sites with zero results, try one of the following seven techniques. In fact, don’t limit yourself to one. It’s possible to try any or all in combination.

Join a Church Group

You need not be an avid believer to join a local church singles group. Many of these groups are actually designed to attract singles to a church in the hope that eventually some will join the congregation. But in most cases, you need not be a member of a church to join its singles organization. One of the great advantages of faith-based organizations, for the most part, is that they are ready-made for adults who are truly serious about finding a match. If you’re already a regular attendee of a church, all the better. Speak with the pastor, rabbi, or social administrator about social services and events for unmarried adults.

Pay to List Yourself with a Matchmaking Service

Be willing to spend a few dollars on services like online dating registries, match-making companies, and others. In fact, it helps to not be in the midst of a financial emergency when searching for a soul mate. The thing about a temporary shortage of funds is that it impacts your ability to pay for services that can help you meet people. If you do need a quick influx of cash to get the ball rolling, consider a payday loan. Applying is quick and painless. All you need to do is verify employment and then you’re good to go. Funds can show up in your account in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to search for the best payday loan providers online with That way, you never have to leave home, can get money when you need it, and get on with the important business of finding a partner.

Dress for Success, and Dating

Take pride in the way you look and people will notice. Dressing for success is an old job-hunting strategy. It works well in the professional world, and gets equally good results elsewhere. The goal is more about wearing appropriate clothing in any situation. Then, if you go to a singles function at church or through a local meetup club, wear what suits the occasion. Business casual works for the vast majority of situations where you’ll be meeting people. Being slightly over-dressed is not as much of a faux pas as being under-dressed.

Volunteer for a Cause You Believe In

One way to screen prospective dating mates is to join a charitable organization you truly believe in. Then, if you meet someone while doing a project for the organization, you’ll already know at least one important thing about them. Many couples meet while doing charity work for churches, homeless shelters, animal rescue organizations, neighborhood improvement societies, medical research causes, and more.

Take a Public Speaking Class

Learning how to speak with confidence and ease is a way to grow your self-esteem. In addition to meeting people in a public speaking class, you gain valuable skills that will serve you well in your job and your social life. Single men and women notice others who have a firm command of the English language, know how to say what’s on their mind, and aren’t afraid to state an opinion during casual conversation.

Public speaking courses teach assertiveness, poise, inner strength, and independence. All of those are excellent qualities to acquire as you search for a companion. You’ll notice the difference, too. When you attend events like speed-dating and discussion nights in meetup clubs, your ability to say what you mean without nervousness will set you apart. Men and women are attracted to people who have a solid command of the spoken word.

Focus on Self-Improvement

There’s an old song that says you’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. That’s good advice when it comes to romance. In order to make yourself marketable, it’s essential to focus on self-improvement, above all. What does that mean in specific terms? For starters, it’s about getting healthy, taking care of your body, eating right, aiming to be what all the dating ads call height-weight proportionate. Maintaining a positive mental state is important too, so ensuring job satisfaction can help ease the day to day stress burden.

An effective way to achieve these positive attributes is to join a gym or sports team. Hire a personal trainer, or speak with your doctor about how to drop excess weight. Take a martial arts, yoga, aerobics, or dance class. There’s a double benefit here because not only do all those things help you get fit and healthy, but the classes themselves are social events. Don’t be surprised if you meet your ideal match while sweating to the oldies or learning a new yoga pose.

Eliminate Bad Habits

When the famous song referred to eliminating the negative, it might have been advising single folks to cut out all those destructive behaviors like smoking, watching too much TV, drinking too much alcohol, turning into a workaholic, ignoring personal hygiene, or being generally anti-social. If you want to find someone who finds you attractive and fun to be with, then you need to become attractive and fun to be with. Social and romantic partnership is a two-way street. It’s not about looks. It’s about being a positive, healthy, interesting, financially stable person. If you really want to know what your bad habits are, ask a friend who’s willing to be honest. Explain why you want to know, and be sure to write everything down. When it comes to negative personality traits, it’s often hard to see our own.

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