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Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen is one of the places where most of our time is spent. Whether it is eating, cooking or serving, the kitchen is where most of the action takes place. From gathering for breakfast on a Sunday morning to entertaining guests on Christmas Eve, the kitchen is any home’s real heart. The place that takes most of the share of your time must feel welcoming and comforting. Whether you are revamping, updating or redecorating your kitchen space, you must consider how the rest of your house looks like.

Below we share various kitchen-decorating ideas with you that you can take inspiration from and apply on your personal kitchen.

Color It Up

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Changing color is the most common as well as an inexpensive approach to change the entire look of any space. A kitchen’s color must look vibrant and homelike. There are usually three patterns of colors in any kitchen. One is an existing or a permanent pattern, that is, the color of your cabinets and countertops. The second pattern usually depicts the colors of the wall. It is suggested to use a neutral color that complements the color pattern of your cabinets and countertops. A wall color serves as a backdrop. The third color pattern allows you to play with bold themes and adds a bang to your kitchen. This is usually reflected in kitchen accessories such as cookware, vases, and bar stools. To determine your signature color palette, grab paint swatches and shuffle them around until you find a perfect combination.

A Focal Point

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Every room in a house has one focal point. This point usually jumps out at a visitor. Now with the same perspective in mind, try assessing your kitchen. What is the first thing you notice when you enter in your kitchen? Do you like what catches your eye? If not, how would you like to change it? Identify the closest wall (because that would be the first thing to notice) as your focal point. Since it is just one corner of the kitchen, you have the margin to make it bold and unique. Some of the things you could do with a focal wall include:

  • Add a textured or patterned wallpaper
  • Hang or paint a huge piece of art
  • Color it with bold paint from one of the palette shades you chose above

Personalize Your Kitchen With Chalkboard

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You see it a lot at the restaurants you walk into. A bucket of black chalkboard paint comes cheap and is a great idea to decorate your wall. Black color has the potential to highlight everything around and serves as the perfect background for your ever-changing chalk colors. If your kitchen cannot afford to have a dedicated space for chalkboard paint, use a cabinet surface or door to scribble the dinner menu. A gallery wall collection or a floating shelf on your chalkboard will also look unique adding to the look of your new, inspired kitchen.

Painted Flour Sack Towels

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Get flour sack towels and paint them using nature’s color palette to create beautiful patterns from leaves. One simple way to do it is tuck leaves between the flour sack towels and tap firmly using a hammer to leave leaf impressions. Continue tapping, leaf by leaf, until you have completed your design. Finish your painting by ironing on low to keep towels from fading. If this sounds like too much for you to do, get flour sack towels which will make the perfect decorating idea for your kitchen. You can check them out here.

Hang a New Light

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If there is one thing that you must do out of everything else, that is to add a light statement to your kitchen. A flashy light attachment literally adds life to your kitchen and can cost as low as anywhere between $30 to $90. Select a chrome or a fancy, rustic light installation matching with your kitchen’s color and décor. As a second option, you could also fix battery powered LED under your cabinets or add a statement floor lamp – two easy approaches to serve many purposes such as adding lighting and making your kitchen an approachable space.

Kitchen Island Decor

Kitchen decoration has evolved as much as general home decoration, but kitchen island has become a fixture of all modern-day kitchens beyond mere aesthetic addition. Kitchen Island performs both utility and aesthetic function in the kitchen. It provides extra counter and cabinet space that most people find useful, either serving as a congregation point or a needed countertop for a quick breakfast or meal preparation. Check this website to see how people have been exploring ways for interesting and beautiful to create kitchen Island Decor.

Change Hardware

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While transforming cabinets and countertops may cost you an arm and a leg, changing cabinet handles and drawer pulls will not. The approach may seem insignificant, but this particular hardware is essential enough to bring personality to your kitchen. Handles and drawer pulls have the capability to influence your kitchen’s appearance and style big time. A bit of your time to buy new hardware and some tools, you may be able to enliven your kitchen that too in a pretty much affordable way! An average kitchen has 40 knobs or drawer pulls, so visit your local hardware stores to pick a convenient set of handles. For a vintage or decorative hardware, browse through local estate sales.

Flower Power

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Fresh flowers give away a lively vibe to any room, and there is no place more than the kitchen that welcomes their natural note. This transitory style is easy to change out to restore your kitchen color pattern or clear out for major supper prep. This simple expansion does not only revive the space but given the plants of your choice, your living accessories can serve as a valuable cooking instrument (read: fresh herbs).

Expand Storage and Declutter

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Tweak your kitchen and amplify its space when you change a blank wall, jumbled cabinet or unused cupboard into storage for skillets, pantry items, and cookbooks. The expense of this kitchen update relies upon the size, type, and appearance of the racking units, single racks, lazy Susans, pull-out trays and other storage alternatives you pick. Put in a couple of hours clearing the mess from your kitchen cupboards and countertops. Put away unwanted or outdated food, give utensils and machines you never again use in donation, and toss things that do not have a place in the kitchen. You will not need to spend even a dime to make a clean kitchen that is increasingly utilitarian and roomy.

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