Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Officially Announced That He Is Retiring From Wrestling

Today Dwayne Johnson is famous for many things, his wrestling career, his acting, his production projects, and many other things. But he became famous first as a wrestler, and he soon became a WWE legend.

But the day has come, and The Rock has officially announced that he is retiring from wrestling. He wanted to let his fans know that he will no longer wrestle and that it is time for him to hung up his wrestling boots.

In an interview, he said that he loves wrestling very much and that he misses wrestling. He was asked if he would ever come back to wrestling. He said that he quietly retired from wrestling because he was very lucky to have a great career and because he managed to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish. He also said that there is nothing like a live crowd and a live audience. Dwayne Johnson grew up in wrestling, and his whole family was involved. His grandfather wrestled, and his dad wrestled.

His first-ever wrestling match was in WWE was in Madison Square Garden, and he remembers that time very fondly. He said that if it weren’t for wrestling, he wouldn’t be here where he is today. Pro wrestling got him where he is today.

He became one of the most famous wrestlers, and he started his career way back in 1996, but he took a break 15 years ago. He returned to wrestling in 2012, and he fought the famous John Cena. From that year he managed to both act and wrestle. But the time has come for him to focus more on his acting career now.

But that just means that we will be able to see more of Dwayne Johnson on the big screen. And we will be able to enjoy his new upcoming projects and movies. But he will always be our most favorite WWE wrestler.