Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson about his pornstache from teenage days

Everyone has some not so glorious moments from his schooling. No one is proud of them and does not want to talk about them. However, you probably feel the worst when you look at your pictures from the time you were teenagers. But your grandmother and grandfather are proud of you and keep your image in the living room in a place where everyone can see and pity you. These pictures are certainly not the brightest moment from that period, and most people are ashamed of them. However, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is not one of the shy guys. He recently explained on Twitter a picture of himself when he was a student and had “wonderful” pornstache. In the description he wrote:

“Nice trip down memory lane. And yes, very true story when I moved from Hawaii to Nashville, I was already 6’4 225lbs with a pornstache at 15yrs old – and the students in my new high school thought I was the undercover cop. All the lovely ladies stayed away from me. ”

A number of comments followed:

“I had a very similar issue as well! Except, I was only 5 feet tall, only 65 lbs with long spider legs that took over half my body at the age of 15- and all of my high school classmates thought I was a real ghost Everybody and their mother stayed away from me. ”
“Will the pornstache be making a return?” C’ know you want it! ”

“Well let’s take a moment and appreciate that he no longer has the porn stash or hair on his head.”

According to him, his classmates thought he was an undercover cop in a secret mission. What to say, except-the-poor ‘The Rock’.

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