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Dwayne Johnson’s Most Memorable Dad Moments of 2018


One of the highest paid actors isn’t only good on the big screen, but he is also an outstanding dad to his three daughters. Dwayne Johnson is the father of Simone, whom he got from his then-wife Dani Garcia. He also has two little daughters, Jasmine born in 2015 and Tiana in April this year, with his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

The Rock considers being a father the greatest job he will ever have and takes it very seriously. Last year when he shared the news that they are expecting a new baby he posted a photo of Jasmine and captioned it “Big daddy is completely surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana. All girls. One dude. And a boy dog. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Hence, throughout this year, she shared with the public some memorable and outstanding dad moments with his girls. He picked out the 10 best ones which will definitely melt your heart.

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His Proud Moment

His oldest daughter, Simone, was named the first-ever Golden Globes Ambassador and The Rock was extremely proud of it. He accompanied his daughter on the award show and even posed together with his ex-wife and her husband. It might sound surprising, but Dwayne’s ex-wife is his business partner while her husband is his personal trainer.

Attending the Birth of His Child

When his girlfriend, Hashian, was giving birth to their second daughter, Tiana, Dwayne was there throughout the whole process. He posted a picture holding his newly born daughter against his bare chest. As you can imagine, the picture was captioned and he used it to give advice to other men. He suggested that every man should be supportive and watch his child being born. In that way, men will never stop respecting their wives and their admiration will be boundless.

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Commemorating International Women’s Day

As his house is filled with girls, he definitely knows how to appreciate women. He posted a delightful video with Jasmine in which he commemorated the International Women’s Day and showed that he stands up for women. In the video, he asks Jasmine to say “Girl Power,” among other things which are too much for the toddler, but he tells her that she did it perfectly.

Doing and Recommending a CPR and Choking-Prevention Course

Dwayne did a CPR and choking-prevention course several weeks before his third daughter was born. Moreover, he shared how important such course is for everyone who is expecting a baby. He shared a picture with a tiny CPR dummy and joked that the dummy isn’t his as his kids come out much browner and cuter.

Getting His Nails Painter

Dwayne posted a picture of his and Jasmine in which she is applying red polish on his nails. Even though he had to go to work, Dwayne couldn’t say no to “her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes.”

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Helping His Girlfriend

This was probably one of the most memorable moments which he shared this year. She shared a picture of feeding his girlfriend who was breastfeeding baby Tiana. In fact, he fed her dinner while getting down on one knee. Using his amazing sense of humor, he hash tagged the Instagram picture with #ChivalryIsToughOnTheKnees.

Spending His Free Time with His Daughter

Even though The Rock is rarely free, he tends to spend every free time with his family. So, this summer he shared an image in the pool with Jasmine. He spends the time to teach her how to swim but when he took off her shirt, she said that she liked his brown boobies. We wonder who she got her sense of humor from?!

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Singling Might Not Be His Asset

In order to get his little baby, Tiana, sleep he decided to sing to her. She fell asleep by the second verse and he got confident that his singing is effective. However, soon after that, the baby filled her diaper which left Dwayne wondering whether his singing caused that too.

Being Sleep Deprived

Dwayne is like all other parents, he lacks sleep, but doesn’t find it hard. Instead, he tries to savor such moments as he claims that there will be a time when his girls will grow up and the last thing they’ll want to do is jump in his arms. Parents: watch and learn!

Having a Personal Make-up Artist

Dwayne really knows how to savor the little things. Hence, he posted an image of him and Jasmine who is painting his face. He admitted that even though he had to go to work, he gave in and allowed the little one to paint his face.

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