Dwayne Johnson`s Actual Status in WWE WrestleMania

At the beginning of his career, the famous Rock first appeared on screens as a wrestler, in WWE. The crowd will love his return to the arena because he was the favorite of the public but his return is uncertain.

He appeared at the RAW because he has to film the final scene of the film Fighting With My Family in the Staples Center. He shoots the whole scene live with the crowd at this event.

WrestleMania is not the same show without Dwayne Johnson and his charisma, and his relationship with the crowd at the arena. It is questionable whether he will show up at the WrestleMania like every year.

There is no official announcement that The Rock will return in WrestleMania, that topic is not even on the table.

WWE is still in the making a whole program for the big night, and it is still unknown what matches will be put on the grandest stage, and The Rock with his busy schedule is not a priority.

The favorite of the crowd probably will not appear at the grand matches despite the wish of the public and Rock`s fans. WWE Show will not be the same without famous Rock.