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Dwayne Johnson Wraps Up Reshoot of Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson posted a new image to mark the end of Jungle Cruise reshoot. Jungle Cruise has been a part of Disneyland since 1955 and the company was trying to make a movie with the same theme for years. At one point, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were a part of the project. Dwayne Johnson came aboard in 2018 and the production finally started in 2018. Other members of the cast are Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, and Paul Giamatti. The director is Jaume Collet-Serra.

The premiere was scheduled for October 11, but Disney scraps those plans, moving the release date to 2020 while pushing Maleficent: Mistress of Evil into that slot. The reasons for this shuffle haven’t been announced, but it was probably done to leave more time for Jungle Cruise reshoot.

Johnston marked the occasion by posting a picture of Blunt and himself on the set on his Instagram account.

If Emily Blunt’s looks could kill 😈 Ladies and gents, that’s an OFFICIAL WRAP of production for our DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. To our hard working and brilliant crew and filmmakers – THANK YOU for your commitment and talent in making something great for our audience. THANK YOU to our partner & leader of global family entertainment, the WALT DISNEY CO for the trust you’ve placed in our hands for our beloved, timeless, iconic Disney park ride known as JUNGLE CRUISE. And finally, a heartfelt MAHALO to my one and only co-star, Emily Blunt. You play the female version of INDIANA JONES brilliantly with relentless ambition to find the one, elusive magical 💫 thing that could change humanity for the better – forever. Unfortunately, for you there’s no other skipper that knows the Amazon River like I do and all I care about is my money, my liquor and my cat. Good luck lady in trying to change the world ~ and not falling for my charm. So much fun making this film and we can’t wait to take you all on this EPIC adventure. That’s a wrap! And I’ll see ya down the road. #DISNEY #ShesAmbitious #AndHeHasTerriblyCharmingPuns #JungleCruise SUMMER 2020 🚢🗺🌴🌊

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The details of the script are still unclear, but so far, we know that Johnston is playing a role of a riverboat captain, taking a scientist (Blunt) deep into the heart of South American jungle to find a legendary tree. The rival team is trying to beat them to it. Johnson described Blunt’s character as a female Indiana Jones.
Those who have followed the production say that the movie has a little of the African Queen vibe going on between lead characters. Johnston plays a captain who only cares about “my money, my liquor and my cat” and doesn’t really care about what other people think about that.

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With Pirates of the Caribbean finished, Disney needs a new franchise series and Jungle Cruise may be just what the doctor subscribed for them. Collet-Serra is known for making fast-paced movies with a lot of action and this project is right up his alley.