Dwayne Johnson favorite family activity is cuddling with his daughters


Dwayne Johnson recently shared some festive Christmas pictures of his family on Twitter. Among them was one with his two daughters, eight-month-old Tiana and three-year-old Jasmine, in his arms. Their mother is Lauren Hashian, his partner. The caption he wrote reveals the love he has for them.

“Daddy’s arms. I ain’t gonna be able to hold ’em like this forever, so you better believe I snatch these cookies and love ’em up every moment I can. Plus, I know there’s gonna come a day where in daddy’s arms is the last place they want to be. Baby Tiana Gia is already there with the “help me” look on her face. Can’t guarantee I’ll love and protect all my daughters for the rest of their lives, but I can guarantee I will for the rest of mine.
#xmas #daddysarms #helpme (sic)”

The Rock said that helping to deliver Tiana was an experience that changed the way he sees women, and especially mothers, forever.

“I was encouraging her – holding her hand. And the doctor said, ‘Would you like to come down and watch and help?’ “I said, ‘Yup, I’m going to come down. Watch. Help. I will say, it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever seen. “I look at Lauren, and women and mothers, in a different light than I ever have before. And it was beautiful. I’m holding legs, everything. And out comes the baby. I know, right? Crazy. Cause you roll the dice, you don’t know how it’s going go to go. A lot of stuff happens.”

source: instagram