Dwayne Johnson Family Roots Lead to Southwest Scarborough Apartment

Father’s Day is behind us, and every son or a daughter gave a gift to his father. On that day you can give your dad whatever you want, or whatever he needs.

The famous actor and the ex-wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, has given his dad, Rocky Johnson a new home.


It is no secret that the popular actor has Canadian roots, and his grandmother and uncle lived in Canada. Human migrations are in people’s blood and the part of history, and we can all asked a question where does our family come from? Or how I get here?

At the moment, it is very popular to search for your ancestries and the shows Who Do You Think You Are? And Finding Your Roots show that finding your ancestry family is not an easy task to do. Like in nature, even a family tree has unusual branches and bad apples.

Every migration led to a change, and the change sometimes worked very well for the family, for example, if Elias Disney had stayed in the little Ontario village, and had not moved to North America, will Walt Disney make such a huge success?


Would we have a phone now, if Alexander Graham Bell did not move to Brantford, Ontario with his parents? Would the telephone be discovered that he remained in Scotland?

Walter and John Huston are famous for their movies The Maltese Falcon and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but the question is if they stayed in Toronto will they made such success and win the Oscar.