How to Download Instagram Stories with Handy Tools

If you are an avid Instagram user, you know the sad fact of the 24-hour Story. Even if you haven’t known, you are already aware.

Yes, that’s a trending Instagram thing like Stories only lives for 24 hours. On the one hand, it’s a good thing because you’re dipping into users’ real lives, but on the other hand, you can spend hours on Instagram to not miss out on useful tips from your favorite blogger. I can help you with this matter. After reading this article, you can download the Stories to any device and enjoy watching them whenever you like.

In case you don’t know why you need to download Stories, here are a couple of reasons.

Why is it worth downloading Stories?

1. Ongoing content

There is no need to keep everything in your head. No matter what kind of content (whether educational, inspirational, or just life-long tips) you observe in your favorite Instagram blogger’s Story, today you have an opportunity to save it for longer, then open and recall at any time.

Of course, there’s a screenshot, but that won’t work with video.

2. Accessibility at all times

I agree that it’s hard to find places these days without the internet, but I’m sure you’ve found them too. You may open the gallery and view a good or funny story anywhere and under any conditions, as long as your phone/laptop is not running out of power. Even after a year, the story info will still be with you until you delete it.

In general, downloaded Stories are not afraid of time and places without the internet.

3. It’s not complicated

There is nothing difficult about Stories downloading. You need to install a third-party app or just use the platforms without installation (see below).

4. It’s anonymous

Don’t worry that someone might suspect you are stealing content (you won’t ignore the copyright law). Mostly apps for downloading other people’s Stories are designed for watching and saving everything anonymously. Otherwise, users will not benefit from other apps, so anonymity is one of the main components.

5. It’s lawful

Instagram is one of the most open social networks. After all, people demonstrate their weekdays and weekends 24/7, so it will be challenging to get promoted here without sociality and openness. My point is that all content is shared, as long as it is shown openly, so it is legitimate to use the information. The main thing is not to forget about the copyright law if you use other people’s content in the future (mark the authorship or talk to the content owner).

Instagram Story downloading

There are quite a few apps for viewing or downloading other people’s Stories, videos, posts, etc.) in the App/Play Store. Here I’ll show you the main ones and also an Instagram Stories downloader that does not require installation.

Stories downloading to any device

Insta Stories downloader by Bigbangram

It is not the app, so no setup is needed for your device. You just open the tool on the Bigbangram platform and use it online. You may get Stories both on a pc or a phone using the downloader.

How to use:

  • switch to the platform via the browser;
  • then go to your Insta acc and find the desired user with active Stories;
  • copy this username and insert it in the input bar;
  • Press “Download” and pick out the necessary Stories to get them in your phone gallery or the computer “Downloads”.

That’s all. You are aware of the basic tools. Now you may download the Stories and enjoy them whenever you want. Remember the copyright law whatever the purpose of downloading other people’s Stories, and you’ll avoid any problems.

Stories downloading to iPhone

1. Story Saver for Me

The app is available in the App Store. With the instrument, you have an opportunity to download and browse posts, highlights, and Stories anonymously. The tool is paid, but with a 7-day trial version.

How to use:

  • switch to the App Store and type “Story Saver for Me” in the search bar;
  • press “Get” to install it in the gadget;
  • they don’t require sign-in, so after the app opening, you may start a trial version;
  • search profiles via their username inserting in the input bar;
  • add desired Stories or posts with high resolution to the “My list”;
  • you also may share the content with friends.

2. ReShare Story for Instagram

The app is available in the App Store. You may create a folder here with saved Stories, videos, carousel posts, highlights, and profile pictures; browse the Stories of any public user anonymously via their username. You also have an opportunity to add multiple accounts to follow up with updates from your favorite bloggers. The tool is free and downloads content in high quality.

How to use:

  • again switch to the App Store and type “ReShare Story for Instagram” in a search bar;
  • press “Get” to install it in the gadget;
  • go through a login process via IG account;
  • find any user by username typing;
  • add desired Stories to the folder to keep the content.

Stories downloading to Android

Story Saver

The app is available in the Play Store. You may download Stories/IGTV to a phone or even repost to the Insta page using the app.

How to use:

  • type “Story Saver for Instagram” in a search bar in the opened Play Store;
  • install the tool;
  • open the app and login via Insta account;
  • type the username the Story of who you desire to save;
  • you may also save posts and IGTV;
  • if the user’s Story is active, then it will be available for you to download;
  • select several of them or download all at once;
  • you also have an opportunity to share the Story with your friends or repost it to the Insta;
  • use several accounts and mark favorite users with “like-heart” not to miss the useful content.

Stories downloading to PC/Mac

Story Saver

The tool is available in the Google Chrome Internet Store. The tool will assist you in getting photo and video Stories from Insta.

How to use:

  • find Story Saver in the Chrome Store;
  • install the tool and then restart your browser;
  • switch to your Insta account via Google Chrome;
  • pick out the desired Story and press on the “green arrow” icon at the right corner;
  • the downloading starts automatically.

To find the saved content go to the “Downloads” on your pc or Mac.

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