Donald Trump Prays for Boris Johnson


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, stated that all Americans are praying for the health condition of Boris Johnson. The UK prime minister was tested positive on coronavirus. A short time after the release of the news, which stated that Mr. Johnson is positive, he was admitted to a Hospital in London. Donald Trump is just one of many leading figures from all across the world publicly stated that they pray for the prime minister.

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On Sunday, Downing Street announced that Boris Johnson was taken to a hospital after he failed to shake off coronavirus-related symptoms, including high temperature. He decided to stay in isolation for more than just seven days, which is an unwritten rule when it comes to self-isolation. A number 10 spokesperson released a statement in which he says that he was admitted on the advice of his personal doctor. Moreover, he stated that this is just a precautionary step.

He even said that the prime minister thanked all the staff that is taking care of his health and praise them for their hard work and dedication. Also, he gave a bit of advice to the general public. He said that they need to follow the Government’s advice to stay at their homes.

At the daily press conference, Donald Trump stated that he wants to express America’s well wishes to the prime minister of the UK for his fight against coronavirus. Furthermore, he said that he is a friend of his, a real gentleman, and a great leader. He claimed that Boris Johnson is a strong person and a strong man. Shortly after the statement released by the US president, Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care.

At the same time, Keir Starmer, the new leader of Labour party tweeted that he wishes a speedy recovery and all the best to the prime minister. Moreover, the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon stated pretty much the same thing as Keir Starmer. Justine Greening, the former Tory Cabinet minister said that the faster Mr. Johnson gets well, the better. When she was asked if the PM needed the help of the Dominic Raab, she said that she believes that Boris Johnson is fit to take care of decisions he has a prime minister.

Furthermore, she pointed out that she doesn’t want to raise this question during this pandemic, and that she hopes the cabinet can be even more effective with Dominic Raab’s leadership. In the end, she concluded that this is an unprecedented health crisis both for the UK and the world. Just to remind you, the prime minister was transferred to the intensive care on Monday.

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