Donald Trump and South Korean President will Meet Before Trump-Kim Summit


Donald Trump has accepted Kim Jong-Un’s invitation to meet, and he is the first president to do so. However, before the highly-anticipated meeting, Donald Trump is going to hold his own summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in to discuss what’s to come and prepare for the main event. According to a senior official in Moon’s administration, this meeting will be held in Washington DC, and Moon is supposed to update Trump on the results of the inter-Korean summit that takes place later this week.

Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In are going to see each other face-to-face in the demilitarized zone which separates the two countries. It has been more than a decade since the leaders of these two countries spoke face-to-face.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s top national security officer Ching Eui-Yong has met with US National Security Adviser John Bolton in Washington on Tuesday, and this is where the idea of a Trump-Moon summit emerged, according to Yoon Young-chan, President’s secretary for public relations of South Korea. Yoon said that Chung had considered this meeting with Bolton “very substantial and beneficial.”

“The two countries have agreed to consult after the inter-Korean summit for the success of the North Korea-US summit,” Chung said, according to Yoon. We are slowly getting more details about the meeting between the two Koreas, and Moon administration displayed the symbolic dishes which will be served for the two leaders. Some of the food that will be served includes noodles, barbeque beef, and dumplings. On Wednesday, Seoul showed photos of the room in which the two leaders will talk, and it is the Peace House in the demilitarized zone on the border. The room has been redecorated to commemorate this historic meeting.

According to South Korea spokespersons, the oval-shaped table has been chosen so that the two sides can speak truthfully and the width of this table, where two leaders will sit, is 2018mm, which marks the year of the inter-Korean summit. Furthermore, a painting of Mt. Kumgang will be placed in the room, which is a mountain in North Korea that has been closed to the South Korean visitors in 2008. This painting should symbolize the reconciliation between the two Koreas as well as Pyongyang and Washington. Meanwhile, the blue carpet symbolizes “beautiful and healthy spirit of the nature of the Peninsula,” whereas the walls resemble the ones in a Hanok, a traditional Korean house.


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