Do you know why Alexander Hamilton is on 10-dollar bill?

You might have noticed that presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant all appear on the United States’ currency. But what about the guy that is on the 10-spot? Why is he there? What is so great about him and what did he do to find himself on that bill?

His name is Alexander Hamilton. Back in the days of the American Revolution, the country was in absolute chaos when it comes to the economy. They had huge war debts, and the inflation was getting serious. The economy and finances, in general, were god awful at that time.

That needed to be changed, the nation needed someone to take on that challenge. That someone was Alexander Hamilton, and he decided to take on the challenge that George Washington gave him. He was the one that directed the federal economic policy. Hamilton was always one of the biggest advocates for a modern capitalist economy in the United States of America, and one of the first ones to talk about that in those early stages of this country.

He was always a great thinker and someone who has a solid vision of how the economy in the states should look like. Hamilton was the one to give unapologetic support for the manufacturing process, to the banks and the public credit. All of these things were foundations of the capitalist economy in the United States for many years after his death. Even though his ideas where somewhat controversial back in the day, there is no doubt that he did help the States.

Ideas of genius people are often controversial. There is a thin line between genius and crazy. Hamilton was walking that line, no doubt.

He had a huge impact on the economy, and that is why he is on the 10 dollar bill. When you see it for the first time after reading this, you can tell your friends who Alexander Hamilton was.


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