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9 Things You Should Discuss With Your Car Shipping Company – 2021 Guide


For many people, ferrying a car across sea might seem like the most complicated thing after rocket science, but this shouldn’t be the case. The difference between a stressful shipping process and one that is hassle-free is nestled at the feet of your shipping company.

Choosing the right car shipping company is the secret behind this divide, but how do you determine the suitability of one? By doing your homework, asking the right questions and speaking to the firm themselves. With this in mind, here are 9 things you should discuss with your car shipping company.

1.Is the Shipping Boat Company-Owned?

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The number of shipping companies brandishing the ability to transport a car is endless, but a majority of them do not own the vehicle of transportation. Therefore rather than being the direct providers of service, they are acting as middlemen between you and the carrier.

If you are using an overseas shipping carrier, it would be a wiser decision to opt for a freight company with a carrier to their name. You might be a victim of delayed delivery, if for instance, the company has not paid the carrier before embarking on a transport voyage.

Not only are you guaranteed prompt delivery of your vehicle, but you will also benefit from expert guidance all through the shipping process.

2. Ask if Belongings Are Allowed in Vehicles Being Transported

Although it is allowed to transport belongings inside a car within the United States, it is still advisable to seek the opinion of your shipping company before taking their step. Many shipping companies have no objection to storing some items like clothes, blankets, bedding, etc., as long as they are in the trunk.

However, most will not allow this if your car routes through Puerto Rico to the United States. To know which bracket your shipping company falls, so as not to flout their terms, it is pertinent to discuss this with them

3. Find Out What Happens in the Event of Damage to Your Vehicle

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Discuss with your shipping company the required process in the case of damage to your vehicle, so as to ascertain if this will be overly lengthy and if they will take full responsibility.

A trustworthy shipping company like Mercury Auto Transport will confirm ‘delivery under the right condition’ only if you sign your copy. For such cases, it will be your responsibility to check the delivery condition of your car or vehicle regardless of time or weather.

Usually, if you present any damage, your company should allow you to signify it on your copy of the report and ask the driver for the information to contact the person in charge to make the claim and start the due process.

4. Do They Deliver Door to Door?

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The hassles of getting your car dumped at a foreign location which might incur extra cost and without a doubt zap your energy and time are well documented.

First of all ascertain from your end if your community, residential complex, or local law prohibits the entry of large trucks. If this is not the situation in your case, then your shipping company should have no problem delivering your parcel to your doorstep, making it much more convenient for you to take delivery.

5. Find Out What Happens if You Aren’t Available at the Agreed Pick Up Location

Yes, it is important that someone is present at the place where the car is to be collected, but what if that person isn’t you? Discuss with your shipping company if a friend or relative of your choice will be allowed to sign the “bill of lading” (Bill of Lading or BOL). If you can’t find a trusted acquaintance, inquire from them if you could resort to the service of a terminal.

With the many terminals located in almost every major city in America, ask if they could route your car to one of these at short notice.

‘What if there was an emergency that totally cut you off from the delivery truck, what will happen to your car?’ is another important question you shouldn’t skip when discussing with your shipping company.

6. What Happens if Your Vehicle is Inoperable?

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This is one of the most common cases in car shipping, whereby your car suddenly fails to function properly at arrival. A vehicle is considered inoperable if the forward, reverse, brake, and turn functions aren’t operational. Other than this, it is in good condition to be driven. Discuss with your shipping company if additional charges will apply, and if they will take full responsibility.

7. Will Your Vehicle be Driven?

It is not a rare occurrence to find out that the car you bought at a documented mileage is suddenly significantly above the original figure. It is therefore necessary to determine under what capacity your vehicle will be driven.

In normal circumstances, your vehicle should be driven only for mounting and dismounting purposes in the truck and/or at the time of pick alert and delivery, according to the circumstances and local regulations or restrictions.

On your part, it is recommended that you write down your car’s mileage when it is picked up and delivered. Any discrepancies written and signed by the driver as well as you should be handled by your company.

8. Find out the Required Shipping Condition Your Vehicle Should Be In

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It is important to note the required state your vehicle should be in before shipping takes place.

The standard requirement demands that there is no kind of leak or drip: that the battery is well secured, and that the levels of the liquids are low and allow expansion produced during the trip.

It is also recommended that it be clean in order to make a better inspection. Make sure you only have ¼ of the fuel tank filled.

Here are other requirements, your shipping company should make you aware of:

  • Disable or disconnect any alarm or burglar equipment.
  • Remove any personal items (keys, extraction radios, CDS, CD / DVD Players, garage controls, etc.).
  • Ask if you are allowed to leave spare items such as a tire or jack.
  • You will be asked to secure or remove any loose parts, especially floor lights, spoilers, fog lights, bike racks, very wide mirrors, and lower the antenna if possible.
  • If it is a convertible, you might need to repair or seal any openings in the tent to prevent air from entering and causing further damage.
  • Make sure the radiator has the proper levels of antifreeze and is prepared for changes in weather.
  • Slightly open one of the windows to relieve pressure from high temperatures and travel.

9. Finally Have a Discussion With Yourself

Understanding the nitty-gritty of the services offered by your shipping company is paramount to the state in which your vehicle arrives at your doorstep. With there being thousands of cars on freight at a time, it is your responsibility to extract every single detail possible from your shipping company to ensure a straightforward process.

Understanding the Car Shipping Process

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However, it is also important to understand that unforeseen circumstances might ruin well-thought-out plans, and in such cases, it is the information in your coffers that will cushion your fall.