Discover Azerbaijan. Land Of Fire

The mysteries that lie far from us and our knowledge are hidden in all parts of the world. Some of them are familiar to us, but there is a place not as popular as you would think but addictive when you visit it – Azerbaijan. It is located at the back door of Europe, in the mountains of the Caucasus that can be divided into the Greater Caucasus range in the North, Lesser Caucasus range in the West and South-West stretching down to the lowland in the center of the country. Representing wide mountains and untouched landscapes with nature all around it provides a unique place and a specific feeling altogether. Also known as the Land of Fire, with its capital city Baku and its Flame Towers living up to the name mentioned, they stand upright in defiance.

The mountains are a sight one must see but so are the Gobustan Mud Volcanoes. The volcanoes are located in the national park and Gobustan and Mud volcanoes group tours are often organized. It is much better to visit this place with a local guide in order to better understand the national beauties. However, to meet this country, you need to know more about its history.

History is the first association with the Land of Fire, flames were often seen bursting from mountains and from the sea making Azerbaijan a sacred land to the people who lived in this area. These were  Zoroastrianism a religion that according to the experts lead and influenced Judaism. Their theory of worshipping fire as a sign of wisdom and knowledge lead to building worshipping and pilgrimage site such as few kilometers from Baku, Ateshgah. It was in the 10th century when the Arabs implemented Islam and the majority of supporters of  Zoroastrianism escaped to Northern India.


The history records a  Byzantine report from the 5th century where there is clearly mentioned seeing the complete landscape ever-burning like, a demon resting place. The fact that Azerbaijan is rich with oil and subterranean natural gas can make us understand that point of view, through the eyes of the uneducated people of that time. Even records of Roman date back 2500 years, talk about oil extraction from Azerbaijan’s Absheron Peninsula. The high pressure causes the gas to seep out through fissures into the air the gas ignites, the flame continues to burn as long as the fuel continues to flow meaning it is very possible that was the case here. The Soviet Union saw the clear opportunity in resources, and the exploitation in the 20th-century almost extinguish most of the flames caused by natural fires.

The ancient myth told by The Ancient Greek culture, speaks how  Zeus, the god of all gods punished Prometheus because he dared to steal the fire from the gods. He chained Prometheus to the Caucasus Mountains which lead to the never-ending fire to appear on the surface of the mountain and landscape. Giving it the name The land of Fire.

A long list of culture and religions can be connected to this region, and they were brought from the East and from the West living a bit of history after them in the land of Fire. As we said above, Azerbaijan is a unique place that combines the past with the modern day living all together.


The country outback certainly has its beauties, but not many people decide to go there. Baku is one of the most attractive destinations and if you plan to stay in the capital for a few days you should know more about the top ten places to visit in Baku.

We hope after reading just a few pieces of information mentioned above that we have awakened your spirit of adventure. This is definitely a must see and experience place in your lifetime.