Diddy Called Kylie Jenner an Inspiration for Women of Color, and the Fans are Angry

The Bad Boy mogul commented on Kylie Jenner. He went on Instagram Live with Kylie in a bid to raise money to fight the coronavirus.

While praising Jenner’s personal contributions, he called her an inspiration for women of color, which didn’t go well with some viewers.

Aside from being an artist, Diddy is a socially conscious person who tries to inspire positive action and help people in need. That is why he held a dance-a-thon coronavirus fundraiser on Instagram Live on April 12. Its aim was to raise money for workers who are on the frontlines.

Kylie was among the many celebrities who joined in. She received instant praise from Diddy for all of her contributions to coronavirus relief efforts.

After Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked the influencers to help fight the virus, Kylie started sharing tips with her fans. She also donated $1 million to the cause and delivered sanitizer to medical professionals.

“Today is about giving love, and I wanna tell you as a hustler — I been a hustler for a long time — your hustle is unmatched,” he said. “I got [two] daughters, and you’re such an inspiration to them and all women of all color.”

It appears that most fans just could not believe he went there. One viewer shared a tweet that said: “Diddy just told Kylie that she’s an inspiration for all women of color….. he been lying all night just to get a dollar.”

“Diddyreally told Kylie that she’s an inspiration to all women of color… IM SICKKKK,” another viewer twitted, “has he lost it?????”

“DIDDY did not just say that Kylie is an inspiration to WOC…. WHAT” they continued.

However, some people defended the stars.

“Please stop trying to make an issue he did not say ‘women of color’ he said ‘All women of ALL COLOR,'” a fan wrote.

“She’s never tried to be black, and she’s never done anything hateful. She’s a positive influence on young people and has done great things that she doesn’t even put out for everyone to see. You can’t hate on her she’s a beautiful person inside and out,”  another person added.