How to Detoxify Your Work Culture to Help Your Business Thrive

One of the best things that can happen to your business is having a good work culture.

Over the years, great work culture has been a vital part of having a thriving business. Nothing beats having team members with collective efforts towards achieving a common goal— such a business will thrive immensely.

For new employees, a positive work culture helps them to adapt quickly and build healthy relations with colleagues. This collaboration further helps to build better workplace dynamics— which increases the overall productivity and creativity among employees.

However, this becomes difficult to achieve when the beliefs, behaviors, and actions of staffers are not in sync, thereby leading to a disengaged workplace in the long run. Although, an unsupportive work environment goes beyond employees exhibiting awful behaviours. It has to do with the acceptance of mediocrity in your business, which results in statements like— “that’s how things are done around here.”

Gradually, a toxic work culture drains the energy, optimism, and harmony within your business.

The adverse effects of toxic work culture on a business cannot be overlooked, because it reduces growth in every area. Also, it would be difficult to get new employees if your business is known for a toxic culture. Of course, there are different factors responsible for toxic work culture, but undeniable common factors underlie most toxic cultures.

Lead by Example

The first step to building a thriving business is building it with the team members in mind, or rebuilding it in a non-toxic way.

But then, you can’t detoxify by making a few modifications without making conscious efforts towards actualizing them. Understanding the need to be more proactive against problems in your business, and developing workable strategies in tackling such problems will make your business thrive.

Sebastian Scheplitz— CEO of an agency network with five agencies, and founder of two e-commerce brands, inspires entrepreneurs to simultaneously seek personal growth and business growth. He also believes that an entrepreneur must accept the pain from personal experiences to be able to deal with the root cause of a toxic workplace. He emphasizes that this will help in becoming a great leader.

“The entrepreneur is the one with the dream and who spearheads the operation. He or she is the one starting. Most often working crazy hours alone, especially in the beginning. But experiences are better shared. So, inspiring a team and being able to delegate is important to me. And that makes it a team journey.” Sebastian claims.

As a team leader, you need to eliminate bad habits that may be predominant among employees. However, you need certainty when dealing with your staff. This will keep your business on track for success. As an entrepreneur, encouraging your team and exhibiting a bit of strictness is not a bad idea when dealing with a toxic work culture.

Avoid Toxic People

You can positively influence your work culture by avoiding toxic people, both as friends and employees. Having friends who ridicule your goals and aspirations is toxic, and shouldn’t be welcomed.

Directly or indirectly, their opinions would influence and contradict your mindset, and this can lead to the slow growth of your business. You ought to understand yourself and know what works for your business.

However, keep in mind that— no one is an island and you’ll need people to help you excel. Now, that’s where mentorship comes in. This exemplifies how Sebastian Scheplitz was able to figure out those that could positively shape him into a leader and a thriving entrepreneur.

“Everyone I’ve worked with has been a mentor in some sense. I did read and watch some stuff from the usual suspects like Tony Robbins. But mostly, I’m looking up to certain role models like Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo for always giving their best, and I look up to Tyler Brûlé in terms of how to run an international business with a focus on “good living” and add my own twist to it:”

Sebastian listens to those who are already in positions he dreams of, and are leaders in their respective fields.

As an entrepreneur, you should listen to thriving entrepreneurs. Nothing is stopping you from learning from people, but you should be selective of those you listen to. Don’t listen to those who haven’t been where you desire to be. If not, you will be stuck with no clarity in your business.

Stay Focused and Don’t Compare

While it is important to mingle with the right people, you can’t afford to get carried away. You should know what your business needs to thrive. Also, consider your employees. Care for them and know their concerns as regards your business. Give them a voice. However, do not implement everything at once. Take it one step at a time. As you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sebastian made sure to not lose focus while running his  business. “It doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to someone who has been doing for years what you’re just starting. Getting inspired is great. Comparing and judging yourself isn’t. If Beethoven compared himself to Mozart, he probably would’ve stopped before he even began. This goes for you too. Get inspired and motivated by the best in your field, but don’t compare your starting point with their years of experience.,” he says.

Don’t compare your business with other businesses that have been operating for years. While it’s okay to get inspired, do not lose your focus by comparing your business with other thriving businesses within your niche.

Staying focused saves time, energy, and also helps you to enhance your business productivity and success. Also, check in with your staff from time to time to ensure that they still have the same goal in mind as you. By being explicit, you’ll attain stability, sustainability, and productivity in the long run.

Repeat The Process

To detoxify a work culture for your business, it has to be a continuous and lifelong process. Ensure it’s an every day or weekly routine, because it could be tough to change the orientation of your employees if it has negatively developed over a long period.

Even if everyone is remote, try to make your place of work an environment where people love to work. Give them space. Give them opportunities. “My team members can choose where they want to work, and that freedom makes them thrive,” says Sebastian.

Do not be oblivious to what the employees are letting out, or their thoughts towards your business. You can implement this by conducting interviews and surveys to assess the state of the work culture of your business. Whenever you feel the atmosphere is getting toxic again, repeat the process and detox.

As your business expands, the culture changes and will be greatly influenced by you.

In Summary

No matter the number of times life puts you down, make sure you don’t stay down. Those who give up don’t become leaders, they don’t own a thriving business, and they don’t have those that look up to them.

Get inspired by those ahead of you, chase your dreams, put in the work, and respect every relationship that comes your way. However, ensure you stay focused in the midst of all these.