6 Best Practices When Designing Your Custom Pop Up Tent

Pop-up tents can be an excellent way to reach a broad audience and bring attention to yourself at any promotional event. They’re a modern, attention-grabbing marketing tool that can do wonders for your brand in the long haul. However, coming up with an effective tent design isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s completely different from designing pamphlets and posters: it requires a different, more creative approach.

Here we’ll talk about our favorite best practices when designing your first custom-made pop-up tent. So, if you’re ready to grab your visitors’ attention, let’s begin!

1. Brand consistency is key to effective pop-up tent marketing!

Your brand has its own recognizable look that should be represented by your pop-up tents as well. That includes colors, fonts, and the overall aesthetic that will make your visitors recognize you in an instant. Again, brand consistency should be your ultimate goal when designing the tents, so ensure everything points to your brand once you’re finished with the design.

We recommend hiring a knowledgeable graphic designer to help you create an eye-catching design that will keep your visitors engaged. Ensure your logo is visible and don’t hesitate to get creative. As long as the design represents your brand well, you’ll certainly attain all of your event-related marketing goals.

Lastly, in some instances, adapting your design according to the event you’re attending can be a good idea. Though risky, this approach can work in certain situations. Make sure to consult with your marketing team before deciding to take your campaign in this direction.

2. Consider your budget carefully

Don’t go overboard with the design if you’re not ready to make a large cut to your budget. Keeping it simple can help you save money and it usually looks far more professional as it is. We’re not saying you should hesitate with your creativity and ideas, but going over the top can prove to be a bit expensive later on.

We suggest working with something simple but eye-catching at the same time for the best results in terms of price and efficiency. Don’t get discouraged if your budget doesn’t allow you to get overly creative with the design, as you can still make it stand out from the crowd. Look for inspiration online or work with a quality designer to get the results you need.

All in all, as long as you put some effort into the design, we’re sure your hard work will pay off! Pop-up tents are an excellent way to attract visitors to your stand on their own, so don’t worry about it too much!

3. Choose the right supplier!

You can think of a perfect design and it can still amount to nothing if you choose the wrong supplier. The quality of the print and the materials is of the utmost importance! If the tent doesn’t look sturdy and durable, you’re not likely to attract too many visitors to your stand.

Ask for a 3D model presentation if possible, and don’t hesitate to seek detailed information about their pop-up tents. You’ll need to know everything from the materials they use to the warranties they provide.

Do as much research as you can to ensure you’re getting the product you deserve. Places like Strike Now even offer a free design, so take advantage of such opportunities if you’re working on a tight budget. Read up on every review and product rating you can find, and never settle for less than you deserve!

4. Spread a positive message

Your message should be appropriate to the event you’re attending. If you’d like to reuse your tents and bring them to multiple events, we suggest writing something a bit more general in tone. Furthermore, you don’t need to write anything at all: sometimes your logo can be enough to do the job.

Still, if you’d like to convey an important message to your visitors, we suggest you keep it lighthearted and simple. Use a bit of humor if applicable, and try to make the message as memorable as possible.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek some assistance from an experienced content writer or a marketing expert. The more engaging your pop-up tents are, the better the result you’ll achieve.

5. Placement matters!

As we’ve mentioned before, pop-up tent design isn’t the same as designing branded pamphlets or t-shirts. You’ll need to learn how to design around the many folds the tent has, which is not easy. We recommend sticking to eye-level placements, as it’s where most people will stop to read your message.

Besides that, try to find out the position of your tent prior to attending the event. If you’re going to be located somewhere in the corners, there’s no need to go all out when designing the tent sides.

Again, we recommend working with an experienced designer to reach the best possible results. Most companies that specialize in custom-made pop-up tents offer the help of their design experts as a part of the service, so make use of that if you’d like to avoid the costs of hiring a designer.

6. Pantone vs CMYK colors?

Now, the quality of the print is as important as the design itself, and the colors used for printing are the deciding factor in that. If you’d like to use bright and vibrant colors, we recommend opting for Pantone colors instead of their CMYK counterparts. If it’s all the same to you, you might be able to save some money by opting for CMYK instead. Seek further assistance from your supplier to learn more about their respective pros and cons if you’re interested.

The bottom line

Overall, designing your first pop-up tent can be a daunting task. We suggest getting some expert help if you’re not very knowledgeable on the matter and we recommend doing extensive research on different suppliers before making any orders.

We hope our article helps you create your first tent design and we wish you good luck at your next promo event.

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