9 Design Ideas And Tips For Expanding Your Small Bathroom

When I started looking for apartments for sale, I quickly fell in love with my current apartment and although I loved everything about it, there was one thing that annoyed me – the small, dark bathroom. However, I knew that with a little bit of designing and investing, I wouldn’t only make it appear bigger, but I would also make it perfect for relaxing after a long and tiring day.

If you found yourself in the same situation while apartment hunting or if you simply want to make your current bathroom look bigger, there are some design ideas that you could try. To make things easier for you, House In Order Team has complied a list of the top nine design ideas and tips for expanding your small bathroom:

1. Light Colors Will Always Open up a Space

If you’re planning on changing the floors and painting the walls, you should know that lighter colors will make the area appear larger. For instance, you could choose light-colored wooden/tiled flooring and walls, and if you wish to add a pop of color, you can always choose colorful furniture. Also, consider the curtains since if you decide to add light green curtains, they’ll reflect the color into the space. While on the topic of windows, let’s look at what you could do if you don’t have one in your bath…

2. A Skylight Might Be Perfect

One of the most annoying things about small baths is that they often don’t have windows or they have one that is extremely small. If you like bright areas, you can always install a skylight, which won’t only make the area filled with natural light, but it’ll also make it larger! Keep in mind, for you to know where it should be, you might have to hire design build contractors from San Diego that’ll help you with designing the entire room.

3. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Now, we aren’t talking about the mirror that you’ll hang above your vanity, we’re talking about placing a mirror over an entire wall. Why should you do this? By doing so, it’ll reflect more light coming from your window or skylight, which will in return, make the area appear larger. If you don’t like the idea of placing mirrors over an entire wall, you could always choose to place several of them around the place, which will provide you with the same effect.

4. Add a Glass Shower Door (or Remove it Completely)

Since the goal is to visually open up the space you have, you should seriously consider adding a glass shower door, mostly because it’ll make the bath look larger. However, if you’re bold enough, you could also choose to remove it completely, which will work best with showers that don’t have rims at the bottom. The option you choose will entirely depend on your preferences, hence, think long and hard before making a decision.

5. Place The Lighting Carefully

The bathroom is where you look at yourself closely, which is why you must ensure that you place all the lighting fixtures properly. It won’t be enough for you to place lights around the mirror you installed over your vanity, instead, there should be an additional light at the center of the room as well. Placing backlights around the mirror is also a recommendation since this can help you inspect your face better.

6. Install Shower Shelves For Extra Storage

If there is one thing that you must remember, it’s that installing shower shelves will provide you with additional storage. This won’t make the area seem larger, however, it’ll definitely provide you with the storage you desperately need. Installing a shelf is incredibly simple and cheap, but if you prefer something that is a bit more elegant and modern, you could always choose to add a shower niche as well, which will basically be located inside the walls.

7. Think About Replacing The Sink

You would be surprised by the innovative and creative sinks that you can find available on the market. For example, since you’ll be working with a  small space, you could opt for placing a small corner sink, which will allow you to use the extra space for other things such as storage units or shelves! Of course, a corner shelf is only one of the options that you could choose, but think about how you can save space.

8. Closed Storage is Better Storage

Cosmetic products, bottles, accessories, and towels placed all over the countertops in your bathroom won’t make it look large and clean, instead, it’ll simply make it cluttered. Because of this, choosing to install closed storage units is best. By doing so, you won’t only ensure that everything looks neat, but you’ll also ensure that your things don’t get ruined from the water and moisture that come with every bath. There are varied options that you could choose from, which is why you’ll definitely find something suitable for you.

9. Add Decoration!

The last tip doesn’t have anything to do with making your bathroom appear bigger, but it does have everything to do with making it more comfortable and relaxing. Adding décor is quite important if you want to use your bathroom as a relaxing zone, hence, besides adding some pictures that feature motivational quotes, you should also consider adding things such as small or large plants. This will tie the entire room together, but it’ll also make the air fresher and healthier.


If you’re tired of your small, dark bathroom, don’t worry, there are things you could do to make it appear larger. And, if you choose to follow most of the design ideas and tips we’ve mentioned in our list above, you won’t only make the area expand, but you’ll also make it a safe haven that you can use for relaxing after a long and tiring day.

Since you’re now well aware of everything that you could do to completely change how your bathroom looks, don’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to contact a professional design & build company, tell them what you want, and from there, start transforming your bathroom!