Denise Milani Beat Demi Rose Oversized Curves on Display

Anyone would assume that Denise Milani, with that last name, has just come back from Italy. This beauty is often being compared with the rest of celebrities, such as Demi Rose. And it seems like Denise has come out of this duel as a winner.

This Czech bombshell says she maintains a body like that thanks to the sport because everything is natural in her. Since Demi is everybody’s ultimate Instagram crush, we wonder if Denise could take her place.

Although they look alike, there are some differences. However, one thing is certain- their bodies are work of art.

Denise amazed everyone with one of her latest videos. She posed in tight denim jeans and left the fans breathless, even with her clothes on. Her amazing curves were impossible to hide. Since Demi is no stranger to posting provocative pictures, Denise has to keep up with her.

Everyone can have their personal preference, but we can all agree that both of these ladies are smoking hot.