Demi Rose vs. Jojo Babie – Who looks better nude?

Demi Rose and Jojo Babie are definitely among the hottest girl on social media. They rose to fame thanks to their Instagram accounts, which have millions and millions of followers. Precisely, Jojo reached the number of 9.8 million followers, while Demi has 13.8 million.


Demi Rose is a famous British model and an online personality. She first became popular thanks to her selfies and curvy body.

Rose had always dreamed of becoming a top model since she loved posing in front of the camera from her childhood. She never thought she would become successful since she is only 5 feet and 2 inches high.

Jojo Babie is an Asian Instagram model that has won fans of all races, all over the world.

We can all agree that both of these stunners have smoking hot bodies, and they are not shy to post snaps in revealing outfits. However, these pictures can help you choose your favorite.