Dao Tao SEO LADIGI Academy – Learn All About SEO in Vietnam

Recently, the demand for learning SEO has increased dramatically, so a series of SEO training centers are in turn to meet this demand of customers. Not all services have a professional, reputable and guaranteed working attitude. However, things are no longer worrying when you believe in LADIGI Academy – the best SEO teaching unit today.

Dao tao SEO LADIGI Academy – The best quality SEO training center today

To gain position and get the support of everyone, the SEO training center LADIGI Academy must meet and satisfy many requirements. Here are some outstanding criteria for Dao tao SEO LADIGI training center that everyone should understand.The teaching staff of SEO courses is those with long experience.

All of the basic courses, professional training courses at LADIGI Academy are taught by a team of long experienced staff, implementing many great SEO strategies. So completely bring you practical knowledge, close during practice.

Besides, teachers at LADIGI Academy are enthusiastic, dedicated people who always answer and point to all students’ questions during and after the learning process.

The curriculum at LADIGI Academy is detailed and thorough

The most critical and essential point of every khoa hoc SEO Domination in LADIGI Academy in particular and Viet Nam, in general, is that the training program must be professional. Therefore, before enrolling, the teaching unit must give a specific program of study to help students make a preliminary assessment of quality as well as satisfy their own requirements.

LADIGI Academy’s overall course program for LADIGI Academy will undergo 17 lessons, and each session is a different topic. In particular, we will follow the learning and practice route, pointing directly, so anyone who finishes the course will be able to do SEO professionally. For people to better understand the training program, LADIGI Academy will specify the course details for each session as follows:

– Session 1: Overview of khoa hoc SEO Domination course
– Session 2: Thinking and principles need to know
– Session 3: Analyzing keywords
– Session 4: Semantic Keyword And Thematic Content for SEO
– Session 5: Building Website
– Session 6: Data structure
– Session 7: On-page optimization
– Session 8: Review and practice
– Session 9: SEO Audit – Analyzing websites and competitors
– Session 10: Building Social Network
– Session 11: Domain Authority Stacking & Traffic Authority Stacking
– Session 12: PBN Building
– Session 13: Google Entity Stacking
– Session 14: Complete about Ahrefs tool
– Session 15: Google Analytics and Search Console
– Session 16: SEO Local and SEO Manager
– Session 17: Review and practice

Commitment after 17 sessions, students will fully understand 17 facilities, while studying, LADIGI Academy will create opportunities for people to participate in projects that the company is implementing.

The fee for training SEO inLADIGI Academy

The cost is one of the factors that people are particularly interested in when choosing the center of SEO teaching, website training, advanced training courses or intensive training … Each one unit teaching SEO will have a different teaching price and depends on many factors such as teaching location, instructor, route of study…

Quite a lot of people are cheap and choose the basic training centers, web services that have a bad business, causing a waste of money, time and effort of themselves.

Hopefully, with the information shared above, you have no worries before deciding to choose SEO training center LADIGI Academy to study.


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