8 Most Dangerous Biker Trails in the World

If you are going to go motorbike riding, you should know that not all trails are created equal. Some trails are safe and easy, while some are notoriously dangerous. So if you are a serious motorcycle rider, you should be aware of all the most dangerous biker trails in the world. This will ensure that if you do go through these trails, you will know exactly what to expect. .Here are 8 of the most dangerous biker trails in the world.

1.  California State Route 138


California is a state known for long and wide highways, and thousands of accidents occur there every year. However,when it comes to motorcycle routes, the most dangerous and infamous is route 138.

It goes by the nicknames “Blood Alley” or “The Highway of Death.” The route has earned the name well, because hundreds of people have lost their lives to the route through the decades.

2.  South Carolina I-26


South Carolina is well known for its motorcycle culture, however, it is also known for its dangerous motorcycle routes.  The most famous being route I-26.

The route has claimed many lives through the years. Aside from the heavy traffic, the key contributor to the accidents is the absence of quad rails, which leads many an unfortunate driver to slam into trees.

3.  Colorado Highway 550


Colorado is known as one of the coldest states in the US. The roads are particularly dangerous during wintertime because the roads usually freeze over.  Add to this a very high altitude and you have Colorado’s highway 550.

The highway stretches over 25 miles that connects Ouray to Silverton, Colorado. The highway is 11,000 miles above sea level, so any vehicle that goes over the ledges has very little chance of survival. Add to that the very real chance of an avalanche happening, and you have yourself a death trap.

If you are planning on riding through this highway, you should make sure that you have a pair of motorcycle goggles at the ready. Remember that during a snowstorm, your eyes could get blinded by the snow, and could really get you into trouble.

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4.  Pakistan Fairy Meadows


When it comes to dangerous roads,Pakistan’s Fairy Meadow is by far one of the most dangerous. The World Health Organization has even named it as the second most dangerous road in the world.

The main factors that make Fairy Meadows so dangerous are the high altitude,gravelly roadwork, and the lack of handrails at the highway’s edges.

5.  Alaskan Dalton Highway


The Alaskan highways are considered some of the most dangerous roads in the world. The Alaskan Dalton Highway is particularly risky because it is used by transportation and oil businesses, so huge trucks pass by there on a daily basis.

If you are not careful, you might collide with these large vehicles. Aside from the presence of trucks passing by, there are also a lot of twists and turns that could prove fatal for a motorcycle driver.

The road runs from Fairbanks to the North Slopes of Alaska, and a majority of the roads are extremely cold. The temperature could even go as low as a negative 80 degrees. Make it a priority to check your wheels in case they get damaged from the cold. It is also important that you check your engine and your handles for cases of freezing.

Remember that immense cold could cause your motorcycle to malfunction, so if the blizzards are overly intense don’t try to force it. Take the time to look for shelter and let the storm pass through. When it comes to being a good motorcycle rider, it pays to respect the power of nature.

6.  Beartown Highway, Montana


The Beartown Highway located in Montana is a very picturesque view, and is a great road for motorcycle drivers to pass through. The only catch is that the roads are extra steep, and they go as high as 11,000 feet.

If this is not scary enough, the road itself is full of zig zags, curves, and switchbacks. If you are planning on riding through this road, you will need to be as careful as possible. Be especially careful of the turns, and slow down as you descend from the elevated areas of the road.

7.  Twisted Sisters, Texas


If you want to take a very scenic route for your motorcycle rides, you should go through the Twisted Sisters road. The Sisters are a combination of three Texas country hills.  All combined, the roads measure around 220 miles. The road is particularly treacherous because it has around 60 curves to keep an eye on.

8.  Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina Tennessee


If you are looking for some of the most dangerous roads in the United States, you will have a hard time looking for one as dangerous as The Tail of the Dragon. The road, like its namesake, is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Many motorcycle riders consider this road as the ultimate challenge. Lengthwise, the road is somewhat short with over only 11 miles. Despite its short length, it has around 318 curves of varying difficulties.


If you are going to be a serious motorbike rider, you should be prepared to try out some dangerous trails. Before you do though, it is important that you know the most dangerous trails in the world. With this list of the most dangerous roads in the world,you will be aware of their dangers and be ready to tackle them.