How to Customize your iPhone Home Screen to stand out

Living in this modern generation means that we all own a phone and we use it every day for every purpose. Having our phone attached to our hands whether using the social media applications or using it for something else we have to personalize it to our taste in order to enjoy using it even more. While many different brands sell phones, iPhones are one of the most popular and most used ones.

Apple was famous for its simple design and not being able to change it and customize it however you want. Since the last updates, things are getting better and now you can change how your home screen looks and adjust it to your personal taste.

We made this article to show you what should you do to make your home screen personalized for you and how you should do that.


When planning on customizing your phone, the first and the easiest thing is to change the wallpaper. There are plenty of wallpapers you can choose from that are already in your phone since they come stock with the phone. If you are not satisfied with them and you want to personalize your phone, even more, you can find others on the internet, a simple search with a correct description of what you need will find you many photos as seen on The third option is to apply a photo that you have taken.

When you have decided what you want to set up as your wallpaper, go to settings and find the wallpaper menu. Then, you will choose the photo that suits you best and you will have three options, to apply it as your home screen, set it as your lock screen photo or both.

This can be interesting if you have seen ideas from the internet, to apply one photo on the lock screen that is similar and connected with the one on the home. Another benefit is that you can set something neutral on the lock and have something more private on the home display, like for example a photo of you and your significant other.


What are widgets? Well, widgets are actually apps that you can use without opening them fully, they work in the background and provide information that you might need. When deciding what to have on your main screen, you should pick only the widgets that you constantly use to make it more efficient, not just good-looking.

If you are asking yourself how to add one, all you need to do is to hold with your finger in an empty space, and then you will have an “add” option. When you go to that option all you need to do is to find the widget that you want, from here you can change how the widget will look simply by swiping on the sides.

After selecting the right widget, you can further customize it by changing its dimensions. With that, you can make your screen look different than the stock one. Instead of using your phone with apps on it one next to the other, you can use this option to select different dimensions to make a difference. Plus, it is better to make your weather widget bigger in order to see the forecast for the next few days as well.

When it comes to widgets, you can use third-party software to make specially customized widgets to fit your requirements. These applications can change everything on the looks of the widget, like the proportions, different text style, making it more or less colorful, etc. This is a great way of showing your creativity and personalizing your screen making it unique.


The whole point of the many different apps is that you can choose whatever you need and delete the apps that you don’t. Other than the stock applications that we use, apps you should download are a better music player, sports or health apps, to-do list application, and even apps that remind you to drink water regularly. You should download and use apps that make your life better, and remove everything that is slowing your progress and losing your time.

You can furthermore customize your apps by changing the icon that they display. This can be done through the shortcut application from the phone, you select the app and then you can change the icon photo. This way you can customize your phone like no other, making it unique and having it done perfectly to enjoy using it even more.


When it comes to apps, having them all on your screen is really chaotic and you might need time to navigate through the menu in order to find what you need. A solution for that problem might be creating folders and grouping applications with similar usage to reduce the swiping and having a more organized phone.

For example, you can group up all your social media apps in one folder, and all your Google applications in another. Games in a different folder and creativity applications in another. This way you will have simpler use of your phone, you can navigate faster and you can save time when looking for the right app.

Other options

When organizing your phone, you may have a whole home screen with applications that are too personal for you and you want to keep them for yourself only. These include galleries, messages, and maybe social media apps. To keep someone else’s hands out of them you can put them out of sight. If you want to keep some apps secret from the others, you can simply put them away from the screen. You will need to go to the remove option and place them in the library. This way, you will still have them, and you can use them while at the same time being out of the eyes of the others.


Whatever you choose to do to customize your screen is up to you. You can use everything from this article or you can use just one single thing. The whole point of this article is to teach you how can you change your screen to make it function better and look good as well. We hope that this will help you and you will have a pleasant experience using it.

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