Customer-business interaction- how to build a strong relationship with the customer?

Companies of today are advanced and they use advanced technologies in order to communicate with their customers. Today companies make use of different channels in order to connect with their clients and offering them the best services. To communicate with your customer you can connect with them via social messaging, Voice and SMS. 

Why making a relationship with the customer is essential in business? 

It behaves as a differentiation point- 

At present marketplace where competition for consumers is high, the relationship you have with your buyers play as the main differentiator for competitors. Businesses, in order to thrive, have to make a strong relationship with their clients and make it a business strategy. For example, an area where there are many competitors selling the same product they will go to that company which offers better services and satisfaction. Having good relationships with them will also bring about new customers.

It is easier to retain customers than searching for new ones

This statistic holds more power in the world of marketing. You need to spend more time and put more effort into acquiring a new customer but maintaining old is easier.  Getting customers is expensive as your team will have to invest much to get their attention and converting them into potential ones. It is thus important that you maintain a relationship with existing ones in the long run. 

Establish new connections

To ensure that your buyers engage with you, you need to offer a steady flow of details on deals, events as well as products via websites, email or social media to make sure there is the continuous connection of customers to your business. Also, ensure that the site is easy to navigate contain all products, user-friendly and have the information needed by the consumers. 

It will decrease market rejection

Dissatisfied as well as unhappy customer tells about 15 people about their bad experience. As per some studies, it is found out that 13% of consumers tell their experience to 20 people. This can have a negative impact on your business if you do not satisfy your consumers. Thus, the customer- business relationship is necessary to maintain. 

Increases customers value

It is observed that a satisfied client contribute 2.6 times more revenue when compared with an unsatisfied consumer. Satisfaction is thus necessary to build a healthy relationship and this, in turn, will generate more revenue from one consumer for your business. Businesses which are successful understand the longtime value of their Clients as it enhanced their returns. 

How to connect and communicate with customers?

Use of cloud-based platform- 

To contact customer businesses can use SMS, voice, push as well as a social messenger in combination. With a cloud-based platform for interaction with the clients you can scale internationally and there is no headache of creating and maintaining a relationship with various local providers. 

Use simple APIS or SDKs to develop new experiences- 

Many businesses get their own API made by companies like Apifonica and these API can be used to interact with clients with ease. It is easy for R&D team to work and implement various commands using this software. 

The faster rollout for customer project development- 

For businesses with a tough roadmap as well as limited R&D resource, there are companies with having personal ICT professionals and software whose help you could take to develop a custom solution and they help speed it up time to time. 

To connect with the customer you can take the help of- 

Social media channels-

Businesses can make use of social media apps that help connect with the customer. They can chat with them from their contact center, helpdesk or CRM. Also, they can enable the software to send, receive or track messages on Facebook, telegram, Viber as well as WhatsApp using HTTP request. Businesses can send documents, pictures, as well as multimedia files through messaging app straight from CRM, used and connect with them. 

SMS alert-

Business can connect and communicate with clients through SMS alerts. They can reach out to buyers before they have a change of mind. When consumers aren’t connected to the internet then also you can interact with them and send them an alert about sales. 

Offer Order status updates-

Businesses can opt for global calls at local rates and contact their audience globally. They can receive the call on one device along with data as well as use context of the activity of consumers to offer better services. 

Two-way anonymous calls-

Two-way anonymous calling is the feature which let you contact clients securely without exposing their number to anyone. Users don’t like exposing their number because of prank calls, spam’s and frauds.  Thus, if you use this service then you can protect consumer’s data from online threats. 

SMS survey-

With the help of SMS, survey businesses can gain valuable insights as well as a clear picture of the needs of the clients and working accordingly to meet their needs. SMS surveys are far better and likely to be responded more because as you know a person checks their phone more a day. So, a text message survey is good to know what your clients needs and thinks. 

Customers are the heartbeat of any business, thus it is essential to have a healthy relationship with them if you want your business to succeed. Having your own API designed can help you and your customer to have healthy relationships. You are not only able to contact with them but you are able to offer them secure transactions, secure services and also you will be able to protect their information which further increases trust of client and client remains happy and satisfied. 

You can be there with your clients in their good time as well as in their bad time and grow together with the best communication methods. We hope you understand the role of connection of business with the customer and now you will surely find a better business strategy to increase and maintain your customer base using the latest technologies and communication channels. We hope you will be able to retain your customers easily and effectively.