5 Reasons why Custom Shoes are becoming so popular in 2021

Have you ever had custom-made shoes? People often think that this is only for very rich people and that it will cost them a fortune, but that is far from the truth. You may have to pay a little more money, but the benefits of wearing custom-made shoes are really huge! Nowadays, this kind of shoes are becoming very popular. You probably had a chance at least once in your life to buy a suit or dress that was made according to your measurements and you could feel that the cut fits you perfectly, that the size is appropriate and that you feel great wearing it? Well, that’s one of the things that tailor-made clothes and shoes provide. Here are some of the main reasons why custom shoes are becoming so popular in 2021:

1. You get to choose the design you want

Most people have a concrete style they prefer and enjoy wearing a wardrobe that has a specific color, cut and overall look. If you’ve ever been frustrated because you’ve seen shoes that look perfect, but you don’t like the print, heel height or color, you should know that custom-made shoes are the solution to this problem! In this case, you can choose a specific design that you like and that is in line with your style and the wardrobe you already have in your closet. We agree that it is more than annoying when we find shoes that we like, and they do not fit with the clothing combinations we already have. And most of us aren’t ready to change everything in the closet just because we found the perfect shoes! Therefore, with custom-made shoes, we can choose a complete design that meets all the criteria that are important to us.

Note: Custom-made shoes do not always have to have an unusual and crazy design. You can also choose completely classic shoes if your style is minimalist or you mostly wear formal combinations. There are no limits here, the choice is yours!

2. Feeling & being unique

One of the main things that tailor-made shoes provide is that they simply make you feel unique. Some people don’t really like to follow trends and wear things that most other people wear. These people want to be completely unique and authentic, and that is what you can achieve by wearing custom-made shoes. For example, at you can find examples of women’s diamond shoes that look completely unique and unusual! Maybe you get inspiration for the shoes you want to design and that will make you feel special and different.

Being authentic in 2021 is not an easy task, especially when it comes to physical appearance. It seems that everything has already been seen. However, custom-made shoes can be of great help in achieving this goal.

3. A size that fits perfectly

You would be surprised to find out how many people are struggling these days to find the right size of the shoes. Some of them have very large or very small feet, which makes it difficult for them to find a shoe that fits their feet. And this can be especially frustrating when you find a design that you really like, but your right size just doesn’t exist!

On the other hand, the problem with some people is that their feet are too wide, so most of the shoes make blisters, or it is too narrow, so their shoes fall off their feet. If you have any of the above issues, we think it’s time to consider wearing custom-made shoes. This can be a great choice, because the size of the shoe gets fully adapted to your foot – length, width and other characteristics. Your only job is to find a design you like and let the shoemaker do their magic!

4. Comfort is unquestionable

Today’s crazy time we live in requires a lot of movement and spending a large part of the day on our feet. If we do not wear shoes that are comfortable enough, the  pain in the legs and feet can occur, as well as cramps, and some more serious health problems in the long run. That is why wearing comfortable shoes is of crucial importance if we want to feel good every day and protect our health.

With custom-made shoes, comfort is unquestionable. They ensure that you walk on soft surfaces that support your foot instead of your foot being constantly exposed to hard surfaces that cause discomfort and pain.

5. A very smart long-term investment


When you buy shoes at a low price or on sale, you usually get a quality that is commensurate with what you have invested. In these situations, you can expect to use the shoes in the short term, but after a few months you will have to replace them with new ones, because they simply lose their shape, some parts start to peel, fall off or tear.

Purchasing custom-made shoes is a very smart long-term investment because it ensures quality that lasts. You may have to invest a little more money, but in the long run you will certainly save money, because shoes like this will serve you for years. If you are able, we always advise you to choose quality, because only such shoes can ensure that your foot is supported, that the material is long-lasting and that you will enjoy them for a long time without any worries.

Conclusion: Although you may have thought that custom-made shoes are reserved only for people who are rich, that is not really true. You only need to invest a little bit more money in them, but buying custom-made shoes pays off tremendously in the long run. There are numerous benefits to wearing such shoes and that is why they are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century. Above all, they allow you to fully choose the design, to feel unique and authentic, as well as to get the right size and comfort that is unquestionable. If you have never worn custom-made shoes before, we suggest you change that and see why their popularity is growing.

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