8 Custom Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is a time of celebration and transition. It’s a time when friends and family come together to commemorate one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. As you prepare to celebrate your graduate, why not give them a unique and memorable gift? In this article, we will discuss some custom graduation gift ideas that will help make this special day even more memorable!

Customized wall art – canvas or poster

Wall art is a great gift for those who enjoy decorating their room and homes. It doesn’t matter if it is a high school or college graduation – most likely it will include moving to a new living space. Personal and beautiful wall decoration can help lighten up the new room as well as be something that reminds of home and loved ones.

You can buy already printed canvas or posters and just choose the print or text you like from those, or you can custom print a wall decoration. You can, for example, add to the canvas the person’s favorite quote, or write something inspirational from yourself. You can also print a picture, graphic design, or anything else either on canvas or the poster.

Personalized t-shirt or hoodie

This is a great gift if you know that the person likes to wear casual outfits, for example, jeans with t-shirts and hoodies. The print on the t-shirt or hoodie can either say something about the graduation, for example, “Real life starts now!” or just be something the person would appreciate, for example, “Best Friend Forever”. It can also be a graphic design or a picture. If you are not sure what the person will like, it is better to stick with cute, subtle designs like minimalistic texts.

Custom tote bag

Even if a tote bag strikes as a too simple gift for graduation, it all depends on the person you are gifting it to. If they are into environmental movements, they will definitely appreciate a tote bag gift. You can print on the tote bag a custom text or graphic design, or find something online. A cute idea is to use the person’s handwriting and print a text in their handwriting on the bag. You can also use the tote bag as a “gift bag” and fill it with other cute gifts.

If you are looking for a print on demand supplier who would print all the custom canvas, posters, tote bags, t-shirts, and hoodies, check out! They have a variety of choices for the size and materials for canvas, lots of t-shirt and hoodie colors, as well as durable 100% cotton tote bags.

Personalized photo book

A photo book is a great gift for those graduates who enjoy collecting memories and looking through them from time to time. You can create a photo book about their school time – either high school or college or just a book of the best memories with them. For a more personal and fun twist, think of captions that could go with the pictures. A great idea is also to add dates to the pictures, so later on you will definitely know what year it was.

Another idea is to use their Instagram pictures and create a photo book out of those. You can even use their captions. Since everything is so digital nowadays it is nice to see images on paper and bringing social media to this medium is an interesting concept you can explore.

Engraved jewelry

Engraved jewelry is a good gift not only for female graduates but also for males. You can engrave and gift necklace pendants and bracelets, as well as an elegant wristwatch.  Even if they won’t appreciate it at the moment, a gift that has a grown-up elegance will be appreciated later in life.

It is a good idea to gift jewelry made of precious materials if that is possible. That way it can be a piece that starts or supplements the person’s private jewelry collection. A jewelry collection is something that has both emotional and financial value – an addition to this collection will be much appreciated. Feel free to visit StoryJewellery.

If you are not sure what to engrave – go simple. Engrave initials or the first letter of their name. It can also be a full name if the jewelry piece is big enough for that.

Custom mug

Even though we all have gotten a custom mug as a gift at some point in our lives, maybe the graduate still hasn’t. Also, if you choose a great design both for the mug and the print, it can be a perfect gift. Since the person will most likely move out of their current living situation and start with a blank slate, the mug can become their first personally owned kitchen item. And that is exciting!

Monogrammed notebook

A notebook where to write down their new ideas and plans is a great gift for those who still enjoy writing by hand, making lists, and mapping out plans on paper. It can also become a diary where they can share their experiences starting the new stage of their life. You can get a monogrammed notebook in different colors or even in different prints – just choose the one that will suit your graduate best.

Flash drive

Yes, almost everything nowadays is cloud-based, but there are still moments when a flash drive can come in handy. And having one that is personalized to you, is just perfect. For a flash drive, you can choose different parameters including the look, materials, design, and memory size. We recommend getting the most capacious flash drive – that way it will be able to live through and be useful years and years from now.


No matter what you get the graduate, make sure they know you care and are here for them. Even though finishing something as big as high school or college is exciting, it is also a little bit scary, and strong support from family and friends is the key to feeling good. Say it with gifts, words, and actions and your graduate will receive the message loud and clear.

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