How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron – Five Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how you can curl your hair by use of a flat Iron at home? Now instead of going to a salon, just follow these steps, and if it fails to look pleasant on your first trial, you have to keep practicing for cute curls.

These steps will help you know how to curl your hair with a flat iron hence achieve beautiful curls without spending a coin at the salon.

First Step:

The first step is to gather all the material and equipment needed for this activity, these are things like, flat iron, a mirror, hairspray, best hair straightening brush, hair clips a blow dryer and a heat protecting hair serum.

Then you have to plug in the flat iron and give some time to get to the temperature of your desire. If you are just from the shower, then it is necessary that you plug in a blow dryer, then blow your hair until it becomes totally dry then brushes it to untangle.

Second Step:

On this part, section your hair into two parts; you can put to use your clip to secure the two sections of your hair. It is necessary that you section your hair for easier curling and to avoid instances of leaving some hair uncurled. It is also important to complete one section of the hair before going to the other section.

Third Step:

The thirdly, as you are holding the other piece of hair that you sectioned, use the other hand to hold your open flat iron, place it on your other sectioned hair near your scalp but make sure it does not touch your skin the clamp it down as you wrap your hair around that flat iron once.

You should pull your hair under your flat iron but not on top of it. With your hair still very enclosed in your flat iron, rotate your flat iron to 360° pointing towards your direction and only stop when the remaining hair is hanging straight pointing down.

Step Four:

After you have completely rotated the flat iron; begin to slowly pull your hair through your fat iron until you see that all the hair has passed through those two plates.

It is advisable that you pull it in a slow manner so that the curls can come out more defined, but you should not also pull too slowly because your hair might burn.

Step Five:

Step five, which is the final step, you can now wrap your curls all around your finger, this will help define your curls, then spray your curled hair after pulling your finger from the curls, spraying is done so that your curls can last longer, ensure that the hairspray is far away from your face.

Final Verdict:

If you follow these steps carefully, you will definitely know how to curl your hair with a flat iron and by using the best flat irons in the market, it generates the best curl results that will even shock your hair stylist.