Why Cristiano Ronaldo pays Georgina Rodriguez $100,000 every month

In August 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo met Georgina Rodriguez. Since then, the couple has been dating. In 2017, Georgina gave birth to Cristiano’s daughter Alana Martina.


Cristiano feels Georgina is the key behind his latest success. He pays her a huge amount every month! Georgina receives around $100,000 every month from Ronaldo. But why? They aren’t officially married. They aren’t even in a legal or civil relationship. Then why does Ronaldo pay the huge monthly allowance to Georgina?

First of all, Georgina doesn’t even need money from Cristiano. She makes enough on her own. Her personal revenue is enormous. As a social media influencer, she charges around $10,000 for a single post on her Instagram account. She makes around 20 posts per month. That totals around $200,000. Double of what Cristiano pays her. That’s not the end. She also appears on TV programs and interviews occasionally. She charges $105,000 just for one Interview!

With the start of her relationship with Christiano Ronaldo, she also landed a contract with a Spanish modeling agency, UNO Models. So why does Christiano pay the monthly allowance to her? The amount is for three different reasons.

First, Christiano’s children- Georgina handles all four children of Christiano. Part of the money is for their education. Georgina also stays with Christiano in his house in Turin, Italy. The house has eight bedrooms.

So, a part of the money is for everyday expenses. And the rest of the money is for her personal enjoyment. This shows just how much Ronaldo cares for her. While Georgina makes good money for herself, Ronaldo still insists on providing the basics for her.

“She is a marvelous woman and an excellent mother to our children. I love her more than anything”. Even though Georgina is the biological mother of only one of Cristiano’s four children, she doesn’t differentiate between them. She considers all 4 of them as her own.

Recently, Ronaldo even changed his Will for Georgina’s benefit. Before this, Ronaldo’s mother would get all of his assets if anything had happened to him. But now Georgina will also get a part of it. That shows how much Cristiano trusts her.

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