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Creative Ways To Refresh Your Backyard

What can be better than spending a summer evening in your own backyard with a glass of fresh juice? If you anticipate warm days, you can put your energy and a positive attitude into refreshing your yard. As the owner, you can build there anything you want. All you need is at least one weekend.

To make your backyard a paradise, ask your loved ones to help you make a gardening plan. Let’s not forget that 30 minutes of gardening can lower cortisol levels and improve your sleep. You will enjoy the process and the results of your work so much! That’s how you can get the most out of your backyard.

Make a plan

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Every project needs some planning. So, before you buy plants, chairs, and lights, walk around your backyard. Calculate how many plants you’d need at the very beginning. Make a list and then check what plants will thrive in your climate. Another important thing is to clean the area and get rid of overgrown garden beds and tree stumps (unless you plan to use them). Also, you can take a picture of your backyard and visualize your new landscape; it will help you with future shopping.

Install a garden fountain

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You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a fountain in your garden. There are a lot of affordable options on the market. Take your time to research what type of fountain would fit. Don’t forget to leave some space for the bench or rocking chair, so that you will be able to sit next to the fountain and relax. To find the best one for your garden, you can check various online stores, for example, Living Water Aeration.

Use old furniture

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You can finally use a piece of that old furniture that you’ve wanted to throw away for a long time. Whether it is a chair, sofa or closet, you can paint it the color of your house (or try different color combinations) and let the greenery take over it. To plant your furniture, you can make a hole and put the container with flowers or grow ground covers and wild spreading plants. If you have a lot of space in your garden, you can even use an old bed like a flower container!

It will definitely draw the attention of your guests and neighbors. More than that, giving old furniture a second life will make you proud of yourself.

Upgrade the outside structures

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You can have the most beautiful plants and creative solutions in your garden, but no one will notice it if the outside structures are in bad condition. Take a look at your containers, fence, and bench. These are the key elements of your backyard, that’s why you need to renovate them. Painting them and throwing away broken things should be enough. If you don’t want to invest in a new fence and you know that a fresh coat of paint won’t work, consider planting trees around your house.

Add some lights

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If you want to spend more time in your garden during the evening, get some string lights. It can make your summer nights truly special!

There are different ways to hang string lights. For instance, you can get freestanding lights, or string them around a pergola. Also, you can make your garden glow by adding incandescent lights right into the plants such as English ivy.

Build a walkway

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A walkway in your backyard can accentuate the beauty and help your guests get where they want to (especially in the evenings). Needless to say, building a walkway is considered one of the most expensive things in the landscaping. There is no need to break your bank account today since there are a lot of cheap walkway options. For example, you can build a stone path to make your garden look natural. Also, you can make the wooden step path.

Set up space for kids

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In case you want your kids to spend more time in your backyard, offer them something special. Once you do it, it will be easier to supervise them during the summer. If you have pallets in your basement, use them to build a sitting area where you kids can play board games. Also, you can make a sandpit out of pallets. Once you have a lot of trees in your backyard, you can build a rope bridge so your kids can exercise whenever they want.

Another great idea is to build a little house for them. It can be a tree house or a reading nook, or even a tent. Be creative and listen to your kids carefully. They will definitely know what to do with your backyard!

Add more details

It doesn’t matter whether your backyard is small or huge; you can still add a lot of cute details. For example, you can start square foot gardening and raise vegetables in raised bed gardens; build a fire pit, or put up a hammock.