5 Creative Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Even we are living in the digital era, we can see that there are a lot of people who consider themselves nature lovers. Just take a look around you and you will see just how many people are interested in it. Of course, we would like to say that nature is the most beautiful thing in the world, and there’s nothing that can replace it. No matter what’s technology we have, it cannot become an alternative to it. There are countless stores all over the US where you can obtain some equipment that can be used for hiking, skiing, and all other activities.

Of course, holidays are a perfect time for you to give some of these items to your friend who is actually interested in spending a lot of time in nature. Since there are a plethora of them to choose from, you may have to spend quite some time before you are able to find the perfect one. In case you are on a tight budget, be sure to take a look at Therefore, we would like to provide you with some really good, creative ideas for a gift for your friend who has these preferences. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Quality Nature-Inspired Book

When looking for a perfect gift for a nature lover friend, many people tend to look for all sorts of equipment and features crucial for these activities. However, we would like to say that maybe you should look beyond that. For example, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a quality nature-inspired book. Of course, that would mean that your friend is also a bookworm.

Thankfully, we can see that there are a lot of books you can choose from. One of the most popular is “Dersu Uzala”, a book about a Siberian hunter, written by Russian explorer, Vladimir Arsenyev. It is quite interesting and you will be able to learn a lot of things about Siberia, an area which is still not affected by human presence. We are not talking about a large book. It can be finished in one afternoon.

2. Beautiful, Self-serving Blanket

It doesn’t matter if your friend is the type who likes to sleep under the stars or in a tent, the crucial thing to have is a blanket. Sure, it needs to be warm and cozy. That way, they will be able to be protected from every element out there, like weather conditions. Nobody likes to feel cold while staying outdoors, right? Of course, it can be said that you can use whatever blanket you have near you.

However, it needs to be said that using a specialized one will surely provide you with a chance of a better experience. There are a lot of companies that sell comfortable e-blankets. Believe us, some of them are good. Sadly, that cannot be said for all of them. But you will be able to conduct research online that will provide you with the best possible results. Or you can just ask your friend, right?

3. Warm Socks

Now that we’ve talked about blankets, every outdoor enthusiast needs to have a pair of quality, warm socks that will help to preserve the heat. It doesn’t matter what’s the temperature out there, these will be able to keep your feet dry and warm. Of course, the most popular type of these warm socks is those made from Merino wool. Some are coming to them with a magic answer.

You cannot have a great experience when your feet are cold, right? When talking about socks, it needs to be said that you will be able countless great solutions. We are not exaggerating, pretty much every pair you come across can serve you with pretty much the same results. However, we can see that some materials are better than others. We’ve mentioned Merino wool. Be sure to check it out.

4. Survival Kit

Now, we would like to talk about a gift that can potentially save a person’s life. We are talking about an emergency survival kit. Of course, the swiss knife is the most popular tool for outdoors enthusiasts, but sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Therefore, it can be said that an emergency survival kit can provide you with a higher chance of surviving a particular situation. Remember, sometimes life is in danger.

What does a quality survival kit need to have? It needs to have a fire starter, blanket, swiss card multitool, compass, scraper, lamp, multifunctional bracelet, etc. Surely, it can be pretty hard to come across a kit where you can find all of these elements. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Thankfully, there are a lot of different companies who are specialized in creating these kits. Be sure to look for them online.

5. Waterproof Binoculars

In case your friend is interested in visiting locations where there’s a lot of water around, for example, Louisiana, you will need to bring some waterproof equipment. One of the most interesting we’ve been able to come across during our research was waterproof binoculars. With them, you will be able to have a better look at different kinds of wildlife. It comes in handy when you’re looking for a trip to this kind of area.

When talking about the companies you should look at, the most popular one is certainly Leica. Their products are really good, and the company has a long tradition of manufacturing these. In case you are interested in taking a look at more options, you can just insert a question in Google and take a look at the results. Furthermore, you should visit some forums when you can see users’ opinions about each of these.

In Conclusion

In this article of ours, we’ve mentioned that looking beyond usual equipment may be the way to go. Here, we’ve provided you with some of the creative ideas for a gift for your friends who consider themselves nature lovers. Sure, you will be able to find something that can serve as a pretty good idea. We are sure your friend would love it.