Consumers Face Challenges in Finding the Right Juicer or Blender to Boost Health

This is the age of fast life. Everyone is so busy with work, we hardly get time to focus on ourselves. Looking at the amount of fast food in our diets, there is no surprise that obesity levels are increasing. Most products have artificial sugars and other chemicals that harm our health in the long term. Conditions like diabetes and heart issues arise because of packaged foods. This is why it is recommended that you should not eat fast foods and products with processed sugar. Try to take some time from your busy schedule to prepare homemade meals.

The first step in making your own meals is to make a list of things you need. Replace your trips to the nearest burger joint with the produce section in the grocery store. It is time you switch your snacks into healthier options. Instead of cereal, you can opt for a delicious homemade smoothie or soda with a tall glass of fruit juice. The only issue is how to find the perfect blender/juicer for that? There are numerous options available out there and it is hard to judge which gadget will satisfy your needs perfectly. A trusted source you can check out is at Juicing Nation.

Why Should You Buy a Juicer or Blender?

It is hard to manage cooking healthy meals every day which is why people usually just pick something from the nearest 7-11 or order every other night. But, imagine the hygiene situation and low healthy content of these meals. Juices sold in packages in the market have a lot of synthetic sugar and other preservatives that can be harmful to your health. Investing in a juicer will be extremely beneficial for you. You can prep delicious and nutritious drinks every time you feel the need for snacking. Juice can replace the need for soda or fizzy drinks which we usually opt for.

Types of Products

As suggested by, If you are looking to cut down your calorie intake, lose some pounds, or going for a healthy diet then a juicer or a blender will definitely be a good purchase.

There are numerous types of juicers and blenders out there. Here is a list of options you can choose from:


  • Immersion
  • Countertop
  • Personal
  • High-performance


  • Masticating
  • Centrifugal
  • Single gear
  • Twin gear
  • Manual

Factor Affecting Your Purchase

The kind of juicer or blender you will need depends on many factors. Your budget, first of all, is a huge factor in determining what kind of product you can buy. Your need for these kitchen gadgets also depends on how much use you are going to take out of it. If you want it to make simple fruit juices or smoothies only, then a low power one will work. But if you are a chef who knows exactly how to use a juicer then look for something with a higher power and more blades. Different gadgets have different functions. It is imperative that you read the descriptions thoroughly and make sure it checks off all your requirements.

Research before Investing

As suggests, before buying a juicer or a blender make sure that you research your options properly. Look for your use and requirements. Then read product descriptions thoroughly before choosing your product. Some of them are more powerful than others, perfect for crushing nuts or other hard objects. Other works well only for getting out the citrus of an orange. Consumers face challenges in finding the right juicer or blender to boost health. These challenges are mainly regarding the functions of the product. This is why you must take recommendations from others, do your own research, and read reviews online before buying a juicer.

Figure Out the Type of Product You Need

Prices of juicers vary a lot. This is because some juicers can handle only certain produce successfully whereas, others process all sorts of fruit and vegetables equally well. This is why it’s important to know what sort of juice you will be preparing regularly. Some are better at pulling liquid from oranges, apples, and carrots than they are with tough, fibrous greens like kale and spinach. Others handle hard vegetables like carrots with ease. If you are looking for a blender that can efficiently prepare green juice you will have to spend out a bigger amount for a cold-press juicer/blender.

Look for Mess-Free Juicers

Another major factor people forget when buying a juicer or a blender is the cleaning up part. A juice extractor might take out all the delicious juice for you, but it will also leave behind a mess of seeds, produce matter and moisture that might be annoying and messy. But you do not have to worry about that. There are a few blenders out there that are easier to clean or come with self-cleaning technology. They are easy to dismantle so you can wash each part properly in the kitchen sink.

Speed of the Juicer

Major challenge consumers come across when they buy a juicer is that they buy the wrong one in terms of speed options. Some juicers only have an on/off switch. On the other hand, other juicers give us a range of speeds to choose from. If you plan on using the blender only for one or two specific ingredients then a basic product will do the job. But, if you are looking for something that handles soft fruit like oranges or mango as well as the tough produce such as apples, kale and spinach then you should opt for a juicer that has multiple speed options.

Blenders and juicers are user-friendly and anyone in your house can use them. Making a nutritious meal has become quite easy because of technology. Packed with healthy content, organic ingredients, and hygienic elements the juices and smoothies will add a positive change to your daily diet and for that you can just check BlendTopia. It is time to wave goodbye to sugar and chemicals filled package of juices you see on the store shelves and replace them with a healthier option.

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