Common Errors Student Writers Make

When you set about typing your college paper or essay, your focus will be on getting your facts across in the most straight forward way, not worrying about commas and semicolons. After all your hard work, it’s a real let down to get your composition back and have little punctuation mistakes brought to your attention. This is because grammatical errors are the fastest way to kill your writing credibility.

Here are some of the most common grammatical errors and how to avoid them when typing or writing.

Subject-Verb Agreemen


This one has caught some of the most prolific writers off guard as it is a really easy error to make. The subject of the sentence (singular or plural) must agree with the verb to which it refers.

Example: Singular subject + singular verb

Incorrect: An important part of a party are the people who get invited.

Correct: An important part of a party is the people who get invited.


Example: Plural subject + plural verb

Incorrect: The two things I love the most is food and wine.

Correct: The two things I love the most are food and wine.

Sentence Fragments


A sentence fragment is a sentence without a subject, complete verb, or independent clause. It is linked to the sentence that precedes it but has no meaning when looked at in its own context.


Incorrect: They went home after the fight broke up the party. They waited for the results.

Correct: They went home after the fight broke up the party and waited for the results.

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Missing Comma


Commas are like the pause button in a sentence. They give the reader time to separate the information and think. Commas have to be used after an introductory phrase, clause, or word. It helps to break up words into easily understood phrases instead of being jumbled together in one long sentence.


Incorrect: When the article was written they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

Correct: When the article was written, they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

It’s/Its Misuse

It’s/Its misuse is a common grammatical error. Sometimes Microsoft Word doesn’t even notice when the word “its” is used instead of “it’s.” An apostrophe is used when the word should read as “it is;” “it’s” is the contracted form of the two words. When “its” is used in a sentence, it signifies ownership.



Incorrect: I think its a plane.

Correct: I think it’s a plane.

Incorrect: The dog wags it’s tail.

Correct: The dog wags its tail.

These examples will help you keep an eye out for the mistakes you might make when writing.