Commercial Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel products such as stainless steel tables, shelves, stainless steel bathtubs, work tables with undershelf are a must for every catering establishment (all products are presented on the website in a wide range).

According to sanitary standards, clearly marked workshops and areas for washing dishes, washing kitchen utensils, a hot shop, a cold shop, and other food divisions are required, which must be accompanied by the installation of neutral equipment. Is stainless steel best for work furniture?

A high-quality and functional stainless steel prep table is an integral part of a professional kitchen. It is on this piece of kitchen furniture that the greatest loads fall: they put hot dishes on it, prepare meals and also use it as an additional surface for storing various utensils. Not every material is capable of withstanding these operating conditions, but not steel.

Moreover, metal fittings are actively eliminating wooden fittings from the first positions in modern home furnishing because:

  • resistance to regular exposure to moisture, high temperatures and active chemicals;
  • the possibility of instant disinfection, which is indispensable when working with food;
  • not picky about leaving;
  • the ability to withstand heavy weight;
  • neat appearance;
  • stability on any kind of flooring.

Stainless steel furniture is widely used in various fields of business. It serves for decades, does not create problems in care, has exceptional aesthetics and functionality.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Tables?

Products made from stainless steel have excellent performance characteristics and stainless steel work tables are no exception. They have a lot of significant advantages, so the stainless furniture is:

  • 100% hygienic products
  • 100% moisture protection
  • strength

In addition to the listed facts,  stainless steel commercial furniture does not absorb odors at all, so even daily contact with pungent-smelling foods or food waste will not have any consequences after an elementary wet cleaning.

Everyone knows that due to the constant humidity of industrial premises, wood products will very soon become unusable, and cracks and damage formed in the tree will create an ideal atmosphere for the development of bacteria in the food unit. What can not be said for example about a stainless steel table, which is resistant to deep scratches.

Even if you do not damage the chipboard table with a sharp knife, it will nevertheless begin to exfoliate after a while due to the constant humidity of the premises. This does not happen with stainless steel prep tables.

In most cases, commercial work tables undergo loads incommensurate with the design characteristics. Heavy filled bottles in two rows, heavy kitchen utensils are constantly placed on the racks, or simply large-capacity pots filled with water are placed.

In such cases, of course, the safety margin of the equipment is always useful. It is for such cases that all stainless steel work tables for the kitchen are made by welding the elements together. A welded rack, table or bathtub is a guarantee of reliability and durability.

Stainless steel furniture is widely used in various fields of business. It serves for decades, does not create problems in care, has exceptional aesthetics and functionality.

Buying Guide

1.   Gauges

You can get a commercial stainless-steel table in three gauges. Let us discuss more:

  • 18 Gauge: These tables are lightweight and less expensive as compared to others. You can keep them in your kitchen to prepare sandwiches or salads. There is enough workspace to sort things and keep them in an arranged way. You can also place heavy items and chop them with ease.
  • 16 Gauge: If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality table, you can consider this option. It is a fantastic design and upgrade of 18 gauge.
  • 14 Gauge: If you want a stainless-steel table with customized fabrication, then you can expect extreme durability. You can find these tables at butcher shops because they can handle the heavy chopping and denting.

2.   Types

You can get stainless steel in two types for commercial tables. Get more information about these types:

  • Type 304: It is a common type that is used across the globe. There are fewer chances of getting rust due to low carbon and high chromium levels. You can use it in your kitchen as it is easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Type 430: It is low-grade steel with less corrosion resistance. You can place the table made up of this type for mixing ingredients and plating them as well.

3.   Table Tops

The tops of the tables are available in two types:

  • Poly: If you need a commercial stainless-steel table for bakeries, plants, butchering meats, etc., then you need this type of top.
  • Wood: You can do sensitive jobs on this tabletop like bakery work, mixing ingredients, preparing salads, plating, and much more.

4.   Accessories

When you plan to buy any commercial stainless-steel table, you can ask for plenty of accessories to make your work easy.

  • Shelving: You can get single or double-mounted shelving with your table. It is easy to adjust the height of shelves as per your working needs.
  • Casters: With the help of casters, you can move your table from one place to another. You can insert the casters and manage the height of the table as per your needs.
  • Sink: You can install a sink on the top of the table and wash your fruits and vegetables while making salads. In this way, you are adding convenience to it.
  • Drawers: You may need drawers to keep necessary items like spoons, knives, gloves, etc. Therefore, you can install the drawers on the table.
  • Cutting Boards: If you have a lot of work chopping, you can install the chopping board on the top. You can cut veggies and fruits and prepare salads.

5.   Undershelves

You may need a table with an open base or undershelves to keep things under it. In case of an open base, you can keep boxes, bins, or other necessary items. The undershelf table can hold various items above the floor. You can buy anyone as per your requirement.

Final Thoughts

You can get a variety of commercial stainless-steel tables with lots of accessories. After getting complete knowledge, consider the buying guide before purchasing any suitable table for your commercial work.