Why Climbing Kilimanjaro is not as easy as people think?


Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania; it is Africa’s tallest mountain, about 5,895 meters. It is the largest free-standing mountain rise globally, which means that it is not considered part of any particular mountain range. It is one of the mountain that attracts a lot of tourists every year and the numbers of the climbers are increasing significantly because of the amazing experience you get,

Kilimanjaro is one of the famous tourist destinations that attract a lot of people towards its amazing view. Many mountaineers like Kilimajoro because its trails are not really steep, and it is like the normal mountains only.

Still, there are some difficulties that arise when you start doing the trekking or climbing up the mountains. If you plan to go to Kilimanjaro, the further article will help you know the difficulties and take measures and prepare yourself accordingly without stressing about the preparation.

Some Difficulties Which You Might Face While Climbing Up Kilimanjaro:

People think it is easy to climb it up, but there are many difficulties that you must know before making your decision. It will help you be prepared for that, and even though you might face them, you still have the proper preparation.

High Altitude difficulty:

Altitude and height is a really big issue that makes it really difficult for anyone to climb up the mountain, and it is the same for climbing Kilimanjaro. If you get yourself used to the ability to acclimatize and breathe in low oxygen levels in the air. For people who can adapt according to the weather conditions and can easily trek long distances, Kilimanjaro apart can be a good hiking destination for you, but not for everyone.

If you feel like you can prepare yourself for the Kilimanjaro hiking by taking some training sessions, then you must go for it and maximize your capabilities. Training is one of the things that you must try to maximize your chances of being able to handle the altitude, but it is sometimes unpredictable what the altitude and temperature can be at the top.

Technical difficulties:

When you think of going for a trip, you always do some research and search for all the major difficulties you might get while climbing the mountains or trekking. Technical difficulties are something that can play a huge role in breaking your plan or making the plan. Technical issues are usually about what equipment is required what things must be in your backpack. Many trip guides will help you a lot in preparing yourself for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Imagine if you have made up all the scenarios in your mind of trekking and reaching the highest point of Kilimanjaro but do not have enough equipment with you. Then what’s the point of trekking? One of the main questions that aspiring and inexperienced mountaineers want to know is whether there are any technical difficulties or specific tools that a person should carry with himself when climbing Kilimanjaro.

There are no specific tools that you require as per the other mountaineers who have experienced the climbing of Kilimanjaro like the basic tools you might need like ropes, maybe an ice axe, as it is okay to be well prepared so that you don’t have to face any trouble at the time you are climbing.

Directions and geographical area:

It might be a little hard for you to track all the directions and routes, and for that, you must rely on good guides and professionals who will help you keep you safe. And also, you don’t have to wander and feel clueless about anything. Without the guides and good professional people who have knowledge of all the routes and give you the guarantee to keep you safe, it is not really possible to do everything there alone.

The good trip guides will help you successfully climb the mountain in one go, and they will also help you know each and everything you need to know before starting your journey. Even if you do all the research from the internet, you will still never get the real and actual advice from the professionals who will be there for you even though you face any hardships.

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Your Fitness:

This is not a major difficulty, but it is connected to you; even though an unfit body is not something that can stop you from experiencing adventures, it might be a little more tiresome for you. You will never want to stop every five minutes; you will always want yourself to climb the mountain as soon as you can. It is not something that has to be stated in particular, but if you’re very unfit and physically unprepared, the trek will be much harder for you.

Many people prepare themselves in advance and try to take a particular diet so that they can climb the mountain easily. You must know that there is no need to be an ultra-marathon runner, but you do have to be fit enough to walk uphill with a heavy backpack for several hours, and this is what your concern should be. Otherwise, you are fit; then there is no need to follow any rigorous training or diet plans.

Parting Words:

Everything should be kept in mind, from camping to trekking, when you are thinking of climbing the Kilimanjaro mountain. One of the ways through which you can prepare yourself and feel safe once you get there is by taking trip guides and professionals along with you. This will really help you in easing out your trip and help you enjoy instead of taking unnecessary tension.

This article will definitely help you and make you familiar with some of the things that you might experience on your trip and climbing the Kilimanjaro mountain and help you to have a memorable and successful journey.